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wrote on 30. October 2015 on 6:11:
such a beautiful man & with such way with words
wrote on 29. October 2015 on 15:00:
Hi brother JADENsAngel, we worship God Jaden we are this childrens
wrote on 29. October 2015 on 14:38:
GODJADEN is indeed the God of gods. I have never been so swept up by a Master like I have now with my God, my Creator, my Salvation. I worship GODJADEN.
wrote on 29. October 2015 on 11:03:
Hello my God,
I'll wish become your slave because you are only God in the univers. You are the Creator
We are your subjects, I pray for you everyday
I wish your benediction
You are perfect in spirit and in your body
I'm very little whereas you are great !
This is my prayer for you
Thanks you my God
wrote on 29. October 2015 on 4:09:
In less than 24 hours MUSCLE GOD JADEN has given me meaning and purpose I never expected as HE molds me into his personal "sherpie" and i am on my knees giving thanks to my MASTER. I feel HIS power, strength and beauty the more i worship and adore HIS perfection.
wrote on 17. October 2015 on 2:04:
I had another wonderful day. Why? Because I live in GODJADENs World. Because submission is my freedom. GODJADEN has given freedom and meaning to my life, and for that, this sub slave fagboy is forever grateful.
wrote on 16. October 2015 on 1:28:
As I sit hard, waiting for JADEN, God of all Gods, my breathing becomes faster, my heart races... I know in a few minutes I might get a nice chance to interact with the Supreme Being. That's worth a lot.
Maybe I'll post another entry later if the session that I hope happens, happens.
Jaden is such a creature above all, that He is simply The Creator. Creator of everything, for his pleasure and profit. I'm lucky, I know... I'm one of GODJADEN's many slaves and worshipers.
Hail The Master!