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wrote on 24. January 2016 on 22:49:
God Jaden, you are so perfect! Your beautiful German features and mighty, godly muscles are but two of the many reasons we love to worship and tribute you. Your incredible muscles are in a perfect ratio of size to definition. You continually grow in size and power, yet you keep the same toned quality and beauty. And while so many other wanna-be's have stayed lean and small, you can maintain your perfect beauty while growing bigger and bigger, and being more and more of the gigantic god that you are! Jaden, your great beauty and strength are why you deserve to have us slaves at your feet in submission. You are greatness and power, god Jaden, and we are here to worship you! All hail the mighty Jaden!
wrote on 20. January 2016 on 18:56:
Our master and owner Jaden is so awesome! He rules over us as a god and commands us to worship his strength and might. Jaden, we worship you for your sheer beauty, rippling muscles, and dominant nature. We exist to please you and long to be used as objects for your pleasure! May you continually grow stronger, larger, more dominant, and more kingly, and let our worship, tribute, and service please you, mighty muscular god Jaden! All hail the great Jaden!
wrote on 20. January 2016 on 7:30:
great MASTER JADEN i wish be under your feet to show YOU how great You are and how humble and poor i am. You deserve to be dominant and Master and we deserve to be Your slaves
wrote on 17. January 2016 on 23:12:
Muscle god Jaden is supreme over all other muscle men, the champion of godly strength, the dominant, colossal alpha god. Jaden is beautiful and glorious, and we exist to serve and please him. Jaden, mighty Jaden, I long to worship your perfection and to please your every desire. I am your property, and I deserve to be subjugated to your greatness, master Jaden. You are the god of muscle, and you own us as your willing slaves. We are overwhelmed, captivated, and awed at your greatness, oh mighty, massive Jaden. I say, "Hail Jaden!" And let all your belongings say, "All hail the mighty Jaden!"
wrote on 17. January 2016 on 3:51:
God Jaden is THE mighty, magnificent muscle god. His strong arms, like thick beefy pythons, crush any muscle pretender. The beefiest bodybuilder out there trembles when he remembers that Jaden is the king of muscle! There aren't words to describe what a studly, muscular, godly master Jaden is. Surely the mighty Jaden has pecs that swell with power and strength like none other, and his abs are chiseled and as hard as granite. I might think I'm a man, but Jaden is the true, perfect standard of masculinity and I am nothing compared to my mighty master Jaden!
wrote on 5. January 2016 on 19:34:
Hail Jaden, the mighty colossus and our muscle god! His magnificent, dominant power commands the worship and adoration of all his slaves. Even men like Hercules and Zeus tremble before the strength and power of our muscle god! Jaden is not just muscular and powerful and beautiful; he IS muscle, power, and beauty himself! Jaden is everything. The strength of a true god courses through Jaden's mighty body. Jaden, thank you for drawing me to yourself, to my knees before you. This is where I belong, in abject submission to Jaden my master.
wrote on 5. January 2016 on 2:33:
Jaden you are so mighty, magnificent, and powerful. With each passing day you grow and become more dominant, more godly. Your slaves eagerly await your commands. Just to see you flex your thick, muscular arm is more than we deserve! King Jaden, please continue to exert your might and power over your slaves! Jaden is the mighty god, the true example of a man, the one worthy of all our worship. Hail Jaden!
wrote on 25. December 2015 on 18:44:
This so called "god" celebrated on xmas, will kneel in fear at JADENS feet and feed his power, like a drop of water in the ocean, nothing left but a burp. Ave Deo JADEN Invictus
wrote on 21. December 2015 on 4:51:
I was raised Catholic but left and studied eastern religions, and ended up being hindu for 15 years ive chanted and meditated, I've feed the gods through. Puja ceremony. Till about a month ago, Till I saw JADEN, once, and visited his web site where his divinity is obvious, the next day when i chanted and meditated on my hindu god, JADEN appereard, HE was strong ,manly perfection, it shocked me awake but the image persisted, powerful more than any god I ever imagined, muscle like steel, I saw fear in my gods eyes, not the buddha calm there normally, JADEN took me a slave there, then, before my false god he then grabed his head in a mighty. Most muscular flex crushed his head,neck snaping as gore and holy brains exploded, it was insane, Im his, Im his, every word he says has such power, his eyes can sum you up in one look. His eyes can tear up your soul He killed Hercules soul before subsumed all of him, the greatest hero of the ancient world, the strong one, all thats left of him is a burp. AveDeoJADENInvictus.
wrote on 18. December 2015 on 21:18:
i really can't express how grateful i am that GOD JADEN accepted me in HIS Heaven, HE accepted me as HIS little tiny faggot bitch slave eventhough i am not worthy of tying HIS GODLY shoes, today Friday 18th of December, 2015 is my birthday because today the Almighty GOD, the creator, the GOD of gods and the KING of kings has created me, today i met GOD JADEN and i was born as HIS stupid loyal unworthy slave, today HE created me to become HIS property, for that i praise HIS name and i glorify HIS feet my GOD JADEN. amen
wrote on 14. December 2015 on 5:37:
Jaden's powerful muscles contract and expand as he towers over his collection of submissive slaves. They have no choice but to worship the muscle god as he continues to grow and conquer. As one of the slaves, I anxiously await my master's bidding. From some of the others near me, Jaden commands tribute and gifts. They instantly empty their wallets and give him all the money he deserves. To other slaves, Jaden grants the privilege of rubbing down his strong German muscles with oil and massaging his perfect body. (I was rather jealous of that group!) As for the rest of us, Jaden commands that we prepare a feast for him, rich in protein, to fuel his growing, godly self. After several hours slaving in the kitchen, we each present Jaden our king with our best dish. When it is my turn to feed my god, he tastes my food, chews for a while, then frowns. I have displeased him! Oh great and mighty Jaden, you deserve so much better! With one quick motion, Jaden picks up my helpless self, shrinks me down to mere millimeters in height, and pops me right into his mouth. I am quickly disintegrated and absorbed into his body. Shortly, his deep voice fills my mind: "Pathetic weakling! You will be an example to all, that those who displease me will be torn apart and made to feed me!" Oh, to serve and please and worship Jaden the god of muscle! That is the meaning of all us slaves. Hail Jaden!
wrote on 12. December 2015 on 11:04:
The multi armed god was armed with weapons in each hand, his power is to destroy the universe at the end of time, Shiva had been worshiped for centuries even after the greek gods had ceased to be worshiped he and his fellow gods continued to receive sacrifices and prayer, I chanted his nme daily.., but I had seen JADEN, he made me his slave with one glance,a appeared unannounced, Shivas guard tried to stop HIM and he picked him up overhead and trough him down so hard he shattered, bones snapping, head smashed up into his torso, only a horible puddle and a pair legs left sticking up in the air, he walked up to the so called god, he was taller his two arms twice the size of all of Shivas, an auora of power radiated from him like a jet engine, you couls see fear in the false gods eyes, JADEN muscle shone with strength, he tried to run, but JADEN threw him on his face and stood on his back, he looked at at me and I knew I was his slave. His eyes full of fury, he reached down and grabed Shivas head pulling it back, panic and pity in his eyes as his bones snaped his neck streched and the muscle tore as his less than godly head was torn from his body and held aloft, JADEN muscles pumped with power, other gods screaming and running, hiding, ignoring them for now, he crumbled the head to pulp between his hands, my mind was destroyed, I live as JADEN's slave now, drawn ,compelled undone, I chant the name JADEN daily, unworthy, but obsessed, he is beyond comprehension, fall at his feet
wrote on 12. December 2015 on 3:44:
He had 3 of us in a line, on our knees before our muscle god Jaden. Standing there, his chiselled torso glistening and bulging with powerful muscle. The veins in his arms popping out, throbbing with divine power. He want his slaves strong in order to please him and survive his service. He commands the first of us to punch him in his ripped abs. The slave does as commands, but Jaden doesnt feel anything. The slaves hand feels broken, like he punched a brick wall. Disappointed, he grabs the slave by the throat with one hand. The slave looks helpless before the power of our muscle gods strength as his throat is crushed with complete ease and his body tossed aside. The next slave is ordered to lift a heavy weight to prove his worth. He tries with all his might, but it will not budge. Muscle god Jaden then lifts with weight with one hand and throws it across the room. The slave is given one last chance to prove himself by doing what the 1st slave did. He punched God Jaden as hard as he could, but again Jaden felt nothing and sighed. He wrapped his massive arms around the slave and squeezed him. Lifting him off his feet, he squashed the slave until his spine snapped and threw him on the floor. Next he turned to me, shaking at the superhuman display of power. I knew I had no chance. He ordered me to stand still and see if I could handle him punching me. I did as ordered and he punched me, his god strength hitting me with enough force to throw me across the room and hit the wall. I felt like a car had hit me. He walks over shaking his head in disappointment. I am not worthy. He leans over and wraps his hands around my neck and pushes me against the wall. My god has made his judgement. He squeezes my throat and lifts me off the ground. His face smiles as he holds me high above while choking the life out of me. I feel myself slipping and then his grip tightens. He crushed my throat and snaps my neck like a twig. He holds my lifeless body up for a few moments and then drops me. My god Jaden, so powerful he could crush a man with one hand. My god Jaden, the strength and glory of his supreme muscle power dominates all. Behold his glorious power.
wrote on 11. December 2015 on 20:24:
Hail Jaden, the God who crushes mountains with his strong arms, the king who commands the devotion of the masses with his mighty pecs. I long to worship Jaden, the giant German muscle god, and to feel his great strength overwhelming and crushing my pathetic self. As he crushes me, this one thought fills my head: "Jaden is power. Jaden is strength. Jaden is king. Jaden is everything." I am your slave; I only hope this worship is pleasing to you, God Jaden.
wrote on 10. December 2015 on 16:27:
Kneeling and bowing before Jaden our king and god is where we find our purpose. I cower before Jaden, knowing he can do whatever he wants with me. The longer I belong to Jaden, the more I realize how natural it is to submit to this god. He is so beautiful, so muscular, so strong, so rich, a true god among men. He deserves all our praise and tribute, everything we do to please him. As I behold Jaden's superiority, as his bulging muscles command my attention, I am reminded of my true place: trembling and shrinking before the might of Jaden. I belong to him, I am his. I am yours, mighty and powerful god. Oh great Jaden, please use this slave however you deem best.
wrote on 10. December 2015 on 9:09:
You are The only GOD, the living GOD, the power, the reason why we exist, my old religion died when I saw you, heard you, even one word from you roars with power, I am not worthy, why did you show yourself to me ? No GOD but JADEN, I bow down, may you grow stronger and stronger. Our King.
wrote on 9. December 2015 on 4:01:
All hail Jaden, the mighty muscle god! With his great muscles he reigns over his little slaves. What great power is contained in his chiseled abs! And what godly strength is found in his massive pecs! One flex of his great arms commands the love and worship of the masses. Who are Zeus and Hercules? They have both been quickly forgotten, because here JADEN is THE strong muscle god. With each passing day, he becomes bigger, richer, and more powerful. Worship and praise for Jaden are spreading across the world. People are discovering the pleasure and meaning of serving him. O mighty Jaden, thank you for showing us your greatness and allowing small mortals like us to adore YOU. We tremble on our knees before you, knowing that you are perfection, the mighty, powerful master and unconquerable god. You are mighty and strong and massive. Hail Jaden!
wrote on 8. December 2015 on 15:39:
In your eyes, the power to reduce a god to fear and despair, one look or word, makes me shutter. Who would have thought such power muscle and will could exist. Fuck every so called god and all their devils, JADEN is GOD
wrote on 8. December 2015 on 3:52:
Our god Jaden, you are the mighty King of Muscle and the towering Powerhouse of raw Manliness. Worshipping you is our addiction, our pleasure, our meaning. Our life comes from serving and pleasing you. Powerful Jaden, we ask that you flex your muscles and bend our affections to you. King Jaden, we ask that you have what you want from us. Mighty god Jaden, you are perfect in beauty and manliness and strength. We CRAVE to behold your rippling, muscular body. We SERVE your growth, as you dominate your slaves. And we OBEY your every whim and pleasure, for YOU are our mighty muscle god. Hail Jaden! All hail Jaden!
wrote on 7. December 2015 on 20:29:
You are perfect and deserve everything. Fags exist to make you rich and take your abuse and humiliation. You are the meaning of life and our only purpose.