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wrote on 11. August 2016 on 1:05:
Muscle God Jaden is the true alpha! He is absolute perfection. Every sculpted muscle on his glorious body ripples with power. We are like mere ants before his colossal might. Only when you kneel before Master Jaden do you realize your proper purpose: to serve, please, and obey the King! Our perfect, masculine God truly deserves everything: adoration, pleasure, money. When you surrender everything to this German GOD, you will discover true pleasure as he flexes and dominates. He is the Master, and we are his property. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we bow to his godliness, the sooner our fantasies find fulfillment in Jaden the King. I must give Master Jaden my love, my money, and my worship, because he deserves everything! I will bow and serve my King, because he owns me. He has been good to this runt, so I will continue to do everything to please and worship God Jaden. He is great and mighty; he is powerful and awesome; he is strong and amazing. Come with me and bow before JADEN our KING! He is our master, our God; and we are nothing but his property. Hail Jaden!
wrote on 23. July 2016 on 2:01:
God Jaden, I have done as you command us, as I must. I tribute in worship to your strength, dominance and power over us. And kneel at your feet, beneath your overwhelming physique, craving your muscles and your next demand, Master.
wrote on 17. July 2016 on 2:59:
God Jaden, you are pulling my life apart. You have left me in pieces submissive at your feet, Master - cowering at your strength and domination - and longing to serve and worship you. Having broken me, what remains is yours to control. Pathetically, craving, I await your command as to how I must tribute and serve you, Master Jaden. Crave, Serve and Obey.
wrote on 12. July 2016 on 17:35:
After having a 5 minute Skype call with God just now I can honestly say He is incredible! The most dominant alpha and best muscle God ever! If youre not His you are missing out
wrote on 6. July 2016 on 19:17:
From the first time I beheld God Jaden, I knew I could never get enough of this perfect, masculine Alpha. He deserves everything: the absolute best of my tribute and worship. So I belong to King Jaden as his very property to do with as he pleases. I only wish I could give him more. He deserves so much more than this tiny runt can offer. I adore the mighty Jaden's swelling pecs, thick biceps, and towering thighs. This perfect, muscular, almighty God is the reason I exist, so I will exist for his pleasure. I will submit to Mighty King Jaden, who commands the very universe with his domimant Alpha aura. No other muscle man compares to the greatness of our God Jaden. No one else has such deep, rich masculinity, such muscles rippling with divine power, such a thick, powerful Godhood. What a wonder it is to be a loyal slave to the King! All hail Jaden the Unconquerable King!
wrote on 3. July 2016 on 2:51:
A few of us pathetic little slaves were worshiping you as you were in the gym sculpting your adonis body. We were in complete awe as you effortless lifted impossible weight, more weight than all of us weaklings could lift together. The heat made you sweat, making your godly muscles glisten, showing your immense size and vascularity. Then, 3 wannabe posers come in and try to intimidate you, threatening your slaves and thinking they can push you around. You smirk with rightful confidence and mock them - they are nothing next to god Jaden, skinny and weak by comparison. They angered quickly, 1 charges at you in anger but calmly you stand your ground. You punch him in the chest, sending him flying across the room. Your power is unmistakable, your arm bulging with godly strength. You walk towards him and lift him over your head with ease, you laugh as he begs for mercy. You then slam him down onto your thick, muscley thigh and break him. The 2nd then flies into a rage and goes at you, but before he can do anything you stop him with one hand, your vice grip tight around his throat. You mock him for being so cocky yet so skinny, laughing at the size of his puny arms as you easily lift him up by his neck. He gasps for air, his feet flail trying to reach the floor but you hold him high above with your divine strength and then snap his neck like a twig. You hold his lifeless body up while mocking the 3rd poser. He then attacks in a fit of rage, but again with no effort you throw him aside. You then lift him above your head, making fun of him as you do reps with him - not even warm up weight for god Jaden. You throw him and laugh. He gets up and strikes you in the chest, but it is like punching solid rock - he holds his hand in pain as you punch him and sending flying into a wall. He gasps in pain. God Jaden then wraps his massive arms around him, lifting him off the ground while squeezing him with your power. He struggles to breathe as you tighten your hold. Then with an audible crunch you demolish his spine, barely using any effort. You throw him to the ground then continue with your workout - not before flexing your mighty god muscles to your adoring slaves who have just witnessed what happens when anyone upsets our master. You are not only gracious in letting us watch you workout, but you let us see your power in action and what happens to those who displease our lord. We all adore and fear you god Jaden, for we are nothing next to you.
wrote on 11. June 2016 on 2:09:
God Jaden, we worship your strength and perfection as you tower over us. We worship at
in awe as you flex and grow ever stronger but you barely notice us kneeling at your feet. We crave and obey you and give tribute at your command. You know that as your possessions we are nothing without you. We no longer have meaning without you. Master Jaden, you are our colossus and we long to serve and obey you, until we are absorbed into your greater being.
wrote on 9. June 2016 on 3:21:
Master Jaden slowly lulls you in further. Your will, your vision, your mind, your body, all internalize the hypnotic charms throughout his body and text. Each verse speaking to the inner subconscious until curiosity and desire take over. Master Jaden slowly takes over your mind till there is no more left. Worship Master Jaden. You are his.
wrote on 4. June 2016 on 2:55:
Master. God Jaden. I, like so many others, have fallen under your total control, drawn to you. Faced with your incredible power, your perfection, your absolute dominance, I crawl at your feet in submission to you. For I am now yours, I am now your possession, a mere chattel for you to instruct, to mock or to destroy. I only beg to worship you, your endless strength and your immense, muscular power. And as I prostrate in submission to you, God Jaden, I await your instruction and how I must serve you. Master, I crave, serve and obey you for as long as you permit my existence.
wrote on 8. April 2016 on 2:29:
Who is a muscle god like Jaden? Who else has biceps bigger than baseballs? Who else stands on massive legs thicker than redwoods? Who else boasts such rippling abs, each one the size of boulders? No one but Jaden, our mighty muscle god!
Who is a muscle god like Jaden? Who else is bursting with raw, masculine power? Who else has strength greater than Hercules' flowing through his veins? Who else is larger and stronger than any mortal could ever dream? No one but Jaden, our great and powerful king!
Who is a muscle god like Jaden? Who else could shatter granite between their pecs? Who else, with one flex, can cause men to bow down and worship? Who else commands the obedience and adoration of his tiny slaves? No one but Jaden, our all-consuming master!
Who is a muscle god like Jaden? Who else demands such submission with a stern, German glare? Who else possesses such beauty in every muscular fiber of his body? Who else is so studly and masculine in his godly might? No one but Jaden, our immense and magnificent muscle god!
None of the other muscular men on the Internet compare with Jaden in all his power, strength, beauty, and dominance.
Jaden, I love and adore you. I worship you and long to be pleasing to you. You have brought me to my knees before your colossal godliness. I know I was made for you, great Jaden, to submit and become part of you. That's why I find meaning and purpose in being your own slave. I crave this position of submission and awe before you, Jaden, my king. I serve with everything I have to make you pleased, master. And I obey without question, knowing that I belong to you and find my meaning in you, my great muscle god Jaden! Hail Jaden!
wrote on 6. April 2016 on 0:53:
My only wish is to serve and worship Jaden my god and master. His perfect muscles, immense size, and great godliness have totally captivated me. As I shrink down and bow before the great Jaden, he reminds me how small and insignificant I am. Master Jaden is so strong and mighty and amazing; he deserves to have us all as his subjects. From the biggest powerlifter to the wimpiest shrimp, we all find our purpose in submitting to Jaden. It's why we're here. I'm so glad to be Jaden's property, for him to do with as he wishes. If he commands me to worship him, I will worship; if he demands tribute, I will empty my wallet for him. I know that King Jaden, the immense and powerful, could crush me in an instant. How can I do anything but obey? Nothing stands a chance against him! It's my great pleasure to marvel and worship Jaden, my muscle god. There simply aren't words to describe the greatness and might of our incredible god Jaden. Quite simply: he is everything. I am completely obsessed with god Jaden; I long to be dominated by him and subsumed under his control. Jaden is my addiction. Jaden is my god. Jaden is my everything. All hail the great and mighty Jaden!
wrote on 5. April 2016 on 16:22:
Jaden, my giant muscle god, I crave you! I long to experience and worship you, my massive, muscular god, as you tower over me. Your strength, power, and manly glory leave me awed and overwhelmed. Jaden, my god, thank you for bringing me to worship and submit to you! You are the mighty, muscular god, and I am just a puny slave. Everything ought to submit to you, Master Jaden, for you are great and beautiful! Hail Jaden!
wrote on 11. February 2016 on 23:56:
Jaden, you are so great and powerful! You are strong, you are powerful, you are mighty, you are beautiful, you are big, you are muscular, you are our muscle god! There is so much godly power contained in your perfect body! I tremble at the mere thought of you. I know that you, master Jaden, are so great and powerful, and I am so puny and pathetic. With one quick movement you could totally consume me. I dare not disobey you, Jaden, my master and muscle god. I long to worship and serve you, to shower you with pleasures as a slave should please his god. Jaden, I adore you and long for even a glimpse of your beauty and colossal power. You've made me your slave, and that's why I continue to CRAVE, SERVE, and OBEY you, Jaden, the giant muscle god! All hail Jaden!!
wrote on 30. January 2016 on 1:58:
I watched jaden work out intensely lifting and showing of his muscles his huge pecs and built thighs when suddenly with sweat leaking from his godly body giving a wonderous sheen wearing a short silky shorts which hid nothing as a good bit of his balls was out and it fit him well
He flexed and as he did so i became smaller i watched in awe as this alreadt massive god became bigger as he turned his bubble butt clenched together and i became engulfed by the shadow looming over me his sweat leaked of him and fell on me as he showed of his tricepts which bulged
I was becoming smaller soon i was tiny as he looked for his runt he almost stepped on me then turned and smiled he knelt down and his balls came out
He took off his shoes and said speak up runt you want more i stood in awe as his pecs bounced i looked up to see him saying i wonder where he went clearly joking almost stepping on me then jaden does pushups and i am greated with his face every time he he breathes in heavily and i am almost sucked in his mouth as he inhales then he says you are a puny ant hahaha
You fucking piece of garbage i cant see yoh as he turns giving me a view of his ass
wrote on 24. January 2016 on 22:49:
God Jaden, you are so perfect! Your beautiful German features and mighty, godly muscles are but two of the many reasons we love to worship and tribute you. Your incredible muscles are in a perfect ratio of size to definition. You continually grow in size and power, yet you keep the same toned quality and beauty. And while so many other wanna-be's have stayed lean and small, you can maintain your perfect beauty while growing bigger and bigger, and being more and more of the gigantic god that you are! Jaden, your great beauty and strength are why you deserve to have us slaves at your feet in submission. You are greatness and power, god Jaden, and we are here to worship you! All hail the mighty Jaden!
wrote on 20. January 2016 on 18:56:
Our master and owner Jaden is so awesome! He rules over us as a god and commands us to worship his strength and might. Jaden, we worship you for your sheer beauty, rippling muscles, and dominant nature. We exist to please you and long to be used as objects for your pleasure! May you continually grow stronger, larger, more dominant, and more kingly, and let our worship, tribute, and service please you, mighty muscular god Jaden! All hail the great Jaden!
wrote on 20. January 2016 on 7:30:
great MASTER JADEN i wish be under your feet to show YOU how great You are and how humble and poor i am. You deserve to be dominant and Master and we deserve to be Your slaves
wrote on 17. January 2016 on 23:12:
Muscle god Jaden is supreme over all other muscle men, the champion of godly strength, the dominant, colossal alpha god. Jaden is beautiful and glorious, and we exist to serve and please him. Jaden, mighty Jaden, I long to worship your perfection and to please your every desire. I am your property, and I deserve to be subjugated to your greatness, master Jaden. You are the god of muscle, and you own us as your willing slaves. We are overwhelmed, captivated, and awed at your greatness, oh mighty, massive Jaden. I say, "Hail Jaden!" And let all your belongings say, "All hail the mighty Jaden!"
wrote on 17. January 2016 on 3:51:
God Jaden is THE mighty, magnificent muscle god. His strong arms, like thick beefy pythons, crush any muscle pretender. The beefiest bodybuilder out there trembles when he remembers that Jaden is the king of muscle! There aren't words to describe what a studly, muscular, godly master Jaden is. Surely the mighty Jaden has pecs that swell with power and strength like none other, and his abs are chiseled and as hard as granite. I might think I'm a man, but Jaden is the true, perfect standard of masculinity and I am nothing compared to my mighty master Jaden!
wrote on 5. January 2016 on 19:34:
Hail Jaden, the mighty colossus and our muscle god! His magnificent, dominant power commands the worship and adoration of all his slaves. Even men like Hercules and Zeus tremble before the strength and power of our muscle god! Jaden is not just muscular and powerful and beautiful; he IS muscle, power, and beauty himself! Jaden is everything. The strength of a true god courses through Jaden's mighty body. Jaden, thank you for drawing me to yourself, to my knees before you. This is where I belong, in abject submission to Jaden my master.