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wrote on 10. August 2020 on 20:20:
Great God Jaden,
I worship at Your throne
And everyday I long to see
How Your muscles have grown

Over all the Earth
You are the greatest King
So at Your feet I bow
And my humble tribute bring

What huge muscles!
Your body full of Power
Kneeling here I find
Your Presence like a tower

And how mighty are
Your massive mountain pecs
Worshipping You, I find,
Is better far than sex

My life's purpose is to bring
You worship, praise, and laud
At Your feet I gladly bow
Because, Jaden, You're my GOD.

wrote on 12. July 2020 on 17:37:
There is no master out there who even comes close to God Jaden's physique.
He's incredible.
He could rule my world forever.
With the flex of an arm or bounce of his chest.
wrote on 5. September 2019 on 13:07:
You are GOD!!
wrote on 16. February 2019 on 0:55:
I'm going to keep it short, I will pay $50 to worship you for one hour, i would love to meet you.
wrote on 28. October 2018 on 3:58:
Soooooo coool
wrote on 16. August 2018 on 20:26:
I am your newest worshiper, Muscle God Jaden. It's an honor to buy your videos, as I am but a weak, fat slave dedicated to serving you, Master. (I am beerbellybus on YouTube, inshapewithagut on Grommr.)
wrote on 17. July 2018 on 5:53:
Lord Jaden, I have given tribute. You are The GOD. I am bobomo nkey on instagram
wrote on 8. April 2018 on 20:27:
When are you going to post more on the website???
wrote on 28. February 2018 on 11:47:
May i post erotic storys that glorify the god king .
wrote on 2. December 2017 on 2:44:
As God Jaden's travels span new continents, he gathers new slaves and worshippers to kneel at his feet, and cower in submission to him and in awe! Crave, Serve and Obey.
wrote on 2. November 2017 on 4:32:
God Jaden demands my full service. Once He awakens your sense of subordination to Himself, there is no escape. Jaden will consume your money, your time, and your thoughts. He dominates me to the point that I now belong to Him. I am just a pathetic slave serving the Muscle God.
wrote on 7. October 2017 on 13:05:
Our God is back. And radiating his power and control like never before!
wrote on 8. May 2017 on 20:26:
God Jaden thank you for showing me that I am nothing and that I'm just an inferior fag whose only purpose is to worship you, the true muscle GOD. You have dominated me and shown me that my purpose and fulfillment are found in serving and bowing to YOU. I pray that I will learn to obey you fully and that I will be able to work hard to make money for you. GOD JADEN, may your power and muscles continue to grow and dominate slaves. I pray that you would become richer, stronger, and more powerful every day. I bow before you because you are my KING and my GOD. You are the MASTER of this slave. Amen
wrote on 14. April 2017 on 8:33:
wrote on 11. April 2017 on 16:49:
God Jaden deserves all of our worship. I am so happy to belong to such a mighty Master. I exist to please him with every skill I have and every dollar I earn. God Jaden has the most perfect body. All other men wish they could look half as good as he does. Bodybuilders wish they were half as big as the strong and powerful Jaden. God Jaden also has the most powerful mind. No slave would dare disobey the will of Jaden their King. God Jaden is so mighty and fierce, our only purpose in life is to serve and obey the perfect Muscle God Jaden. The choice is either to tribute him all of our cash, or to be consumed as protein to fuel his never-ending growth. Either way, God Jaden will become bigger and stronger. We will serve and fuel his growth, one way or another. As for me, God Jaden's control is complete. If I wanted to escape, I could not resist his perfect muscular strength. But why would I want to escape? God Jaden is so perfect and I know my only reason for existing is to worship and serve him. So, I worship you, God Jaden. I serve you will all of my cash and all of my skills. All of my joy and meaning comes from Jaden my King.
All hail the mighty JADEN!
wrote on 7. March 2017 on 18:15:
hab mein skrill und paypal account für dich geladen ok gruss peter
wrote on 7. March 2017 on 18:11:
hi God kannst mich bitte wieder saugen bitte !
wrote on 11. January 2017 on 3:50:
I know my place as a puny runt. God Jaden is the superior perfect being; I belong to him. It's only right, since Jaden the Colossal Muscle God has given me such purpose and meaning in my insignificant life. He could squish me in an instant under his toe, or dominate me with his superior mind, yet he commands worship from me. I dare not disobey. I feel such a compulsion to worship God Jaden when I am under his rule. To crave and serve my Master is the only thing that consumes my mind. And what Master should not be served by his property? God Jaden, you are the mightiest alpha and our ruler. My will is dominated and consumed with pleasing and worshipping your godly perfection. I will enjoy being used by and consumed with you as you want. As I bow in submission to your power and control, please use me as your property, and may your divine muscles and mighty strength continue to grow and dominate your horde of worshippers. God Jaden is the Master, I am his.
wrote on 3. January 2017 on 16:24:
As 2017 begins, I start another year of servitude to God Jaden, of constantly craving his dominant mind and immense muscular physique, of obeying his iron will and his commands without question, of tributing and payment to him in worship of my master, of crawling before him in awe and fear as he controls us with a simple flex of his arm, his chest or tensing of his abs or legs or his all-seeing stare or language mocking his slaves. The year is God Jaden's and his control is complete.
wrote on 26. December 2016 on 22:32:
My great GOD JADEN
I was born to serve you
You are powerfull and strong
You are almighty
You are the ALPHA-GOD
I just pray to you
You are my GOD
I just want to be on my knees
I live to worship to you
On my Knees i admire your feet
I love your socks
I just can worship
Thank you for beeing my GOD