Slaves Finally Where They Belong

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11 thoughts on “Slaves Finally Where They Belong

  1. God Jaden is the one and only true God. He is a Man worthy of worship, and an Alpha that gets everything he wants. I am so grateful to know Him! I am very excited to begin my life as God Jaden’s slave. Once He holds my keys, there will be no turning back. I will be His physical property forever, and couldn’t ask for anything more! I give up my life and my manhood to God Jaden. He is my Master. He is my owner. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Him!

  2. I am full of passion and desire my LORD and MASTER to submit to YOUR perfection, to crave that i be permitted to worship YOUR magnificent muscled body as YOU tower over me.i am YOURS and pledge my devotion ans support to my LORD and MASTER. i know YOU deserve everything YOU want and i am nothing but your boy toy to be used as MASTER commands. YOU know i crave to be YOURS my LORD and MASTER. i am nothing. YOU are everything. Thank YOU MASTER for giving me meaning and purpose in YOUR service.

  3. God Jaden keeps taking me deeper and deeper into submission. I feels so good and so right to give HIM my money. Knowing it helps him become more dominant more muscular and more POWERFUL. The space between his SUPERIOR POWER and my weakness keeps growing bigger and bigger. I become weaker in his presence and he continues to GROW. The more Alpha Male HE becomes the stronger the addiction and the more I HAVE to give to him. I am now totally owned by GOD JADEN there is no escape. My purpose in life is to serve GOD JADEN so he gets what he rightfully deserves. Godly powerful body towering over me consumes me. Worship God Jaden to fulfil your life. HE is a true GOD worthy of your worship.

  4. Only 24 hours since GOD JADEN guided me to join the site and i am so totally addicted even more than i was since first meeting HIM. i explore the site and as i do become more full of love, passion and desire for my LORD. i am on my knees before HIM with great thanks that HE created this awesome shrine to HIS majestic magnificence. i worship HIM and adore HIM more each day as HE molds me into what HE wants. Thank YOU my MASTER

  5. Are you really so powerful, i sense something scary and powerful, youll kill my gods, wether i like it or not, i have a religion with dozens of fierce gods, i think theyll lose

  6. When MUSCLE GOD JADEN, my MASTER and LORD, says “Do it”, i am so excited as it means HE is permitting me to serve HIM as HE deserves. it is my high honor and great privilege that MASTER has made me HIS personal ‘Boi Toy” which means i have submitted totally to HIS power, strength and beauty. Therefore, i adore, serve and obey HIM 24/7 if HE so wishes, to be used as HE pleases.

    i am my MASTER’s plaything, and my sole purpose is to please HIM, to make sure HE is happy, to respond without delay when HE commands me to complete a task.

  7. Our LORD is bringing me closer to HIM in HIS kingdonm each day as i feel HIS POWER and DOMINATION over me increasing. i am proud to kneel before HIM and be permitted to worship serve and obey as HE directs. Thank YOU my MASTER. i am your bitch. YOU are everything

  8. I was on the bus, going to work, it was around sunrise. I had my eyes closed, I was chanting the name of GOD JADEN, the name of Power, silently to myself. I was visualizing the PERFECTION of HIS form, to give him more strenght, to make him more powerful, to be in the prescense of the ALPHA. I was given a vison, of HIM and the false god I once prayed to, multi armed, the god of war, said to destroy the universe at the end of time. Crusded and defeated by the muscle and power of JADEN, he knelt at his feet, all his plans destroyed, fear in his eyes, he reached up to touch the mighty chest of the German Alpha, the true GOD. His hand ignited like a sparkler, the intense fire spread brightly though his whole body, a little scream and then a pile of ash. JADEN is judgement and power,we were born to serve HIM.

  9. Hail Jaden! We are here to serve and happy to obey you, our towering, gigantic god! As tiny, meaningless slaves we kneel down before you, fully devoted to you, our muscle King. We are now your property, your belongings, and surely no property could ever disobey its Master. All of our meaning now comes from you, godly Jaden, and from serving and pleasing you. It is our pleasure and purpose to tribute money to you, to give you worship and praise, even to become food for your ever-growing power! Jaden, you are the dominant, mighty muscle god and we are glad to have been brought to serve you as your godliness towers over us. Jaden, you are power and strength and might, and our king. All hail the might of our muscle god Jaden!

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