God Jadens New Temple

It has been 2 weeks since i moved out of my old flat and finally moved into my new TEMPLE built by slaves to worship my superior being.
A new opportunity for all my loyal followers and slaves to crave and obey…almighty perfection might spend some minutes with you to enlighten your days…weeks…month!


But look for yourself all the furniture and items are BOUGHT WITH FAGCASH! Of course your GOD has a great taste and he knows what is good looking…not only my body is stunning and making you drool but also my mind and INTELLIGENCE.








I expect you to $erve me during the winter months even more…I will not show mercy…you will get lost on my appereance and become a mindless fag when I trap you with my superior mind. You will learn to understand that I am the true alpha and your purpose is to make me happy and make my life as easy as possible. You DO NOT deserve any better because you are a loser and not superior at all. You have to understand in order to archieve pleasure and happyness for yourself.




If you get closer to me and $erve me properly you will have the chance to actually meet me and $erve me in real person.
I am about to travel and if you are lucky I might visit you…

GOD JADEN will be found in India-Bangalore during November and December.




Hit me up for a chat on SKYPE (GODOFABS) I am active now to destroy and exploit the fags and losers but also to make new experiences and have a look into your lives.

2 thoughts on “God Jadens New Temple

  1. I just discovered you via internet. I submit to your writings. They alone got into my mind. Your body opens my mind even moreso. But surrendering to you, following all commands you give me, and being your slave boy is my ultimate desire. Thamk you zMaster, I now belong to you.

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