Financial Domination

Navigate Your Way to Success


Author’s Note

Readers should not follow this guide word for word and should instead use it as a starting point. This simple guide assumes little to no prior knowledge of financial domination and uses a general approach at helping readers become cash masters. This guide is written with a male audience in mind, but can be utilized by anyone of any gender due to the principles being similar.


Please send any and all comments, questions, letters of condemnation to or Feel free to inquire about contributing to this guide.



For those unfamiliar, financial domination is essentially an online based fetish that is built on the foundations of consensual Master/slave relationships. The key feature of this relationship is that it revolves around money and service. In such a relationship, the dominant male, or cash master, dominates the submissive party, or cash slave, through various means. At the center of the relationship is the transferrance of cash from a submissive man to a dominant man. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. In most cases, the submissive man craves the thrill of being used and abused by what he perceives to be a more dominant male. The act of surrendering cash and material posessions to the dominant male often is an erotic act of respect on the part of the submissive male. For the dominant male, the act of having a servile male submit to him and give him money and material goods are empowering and may even be erotic to him regardless of his sexual orientation. The transferrance of cash from the submissive male to the dominant male can occur through many different scenarios, most often through roleplaying, which will be discussed in a later chapter. Although it might not seem like balanced relationship to most people on the outside world, both parties gain satisfaction in different ways.


Most readers who peruse this guide most likely are considering financial domination as a way to earn income on the side. It’s not unheard of for experienced cash masters to manage earning $100,000 a year or more. Unfortunately, many new cash masters rush things and have trouble even earning $1,000 and simply give up without really trying. Multiple factors influence how successful a cash master will be including, but not limited to: patience, level of attractiveness, physique, communication skills, ability to read and anticipate people, patience, technological experience, knowledge about the fetish and other related fetishes, luck, and patience. Success can be found through different routes, but in general, a succesful cash master gains wealth by being in tune with his slaves and knowing their limits. Skillful cash masters can push limits, but not break them. As stated before, a relationship between a cash master and cash slave is consensual and built on trust. If a cash master consistently breaks the trust of his cash slaves, he will quickly find himself unable to earn money. However, if a cash master skillfully manages his cash slaves he can find himself earning just as much, if not more, than a conventional job.


While it is true that cash masters have the potential to earn a lot, the world of financial domination simply is not for everyone. Readers with reservations about entering into a Master/slave relationship most likely should reconsider. Likewise, readers who are uncomfortable being the source of attraction and affection of another man should move on; submissive women into financial domination are harder to find than unicorns. Readers who simply think that being a cash master is easy money that requires little to no effort should expect to fail pretty early in their career. Like with any job, financial domination requires work in order to gain the rewards. However, readers whose interests have been piqued should read on. Good luck.


Is Financial Domination Real?!

Many will assume that this is too good to be true and think this is some sort of scam. Assuming that you already have the necessary hardware, it will cost you nothing to start up other than time. You also do not have to share any form of personal information. Understandably, these words will have little to no weight without proof so it will be better for you to see for your self. After all, seeing is believing.


Real Cash Masters (More will be added upon their approval to be on this guide):

  1. Supreme Drainer – One of the most intellectual cash masters around. He is not a bodybuilder and doesn’t need to be. He uses his personality, charm, and intellect to captivate his audience.
  2. God Jaden – One of the best, if not the best, looking masters in the scene. His rippling body leaves his many fans drooling and his intelligence keeps them coming back for more.
  3. Master Kevin – One of the most popular and diversified masters on the scene.  He entrances his audience with his handsome face, bodybuilder body, and dominant attitude. He has plenty of professional level videos and photos.
  4. Master Jonas – A master who occupied the thug/gangster niche. His tough attitude keeps his fans in line. He has a lot of public videos on youtube.
  5. Emperor Mark – A master who seems to focus on feet fetish, but not exclusively. He has quite a collection of photos and videos for sale.

Quickstart: Jump into the Fray!

It is NOT recommended that you jump right into the thick of it without doing research especially if you have no or limited knowledge and experience about the subject. However, if you absolutely cannot wait or do not have the patience, then here is a cheatsheet of things you will need and places where you can start!


Tools of the Trade

  1. PayPal – Money transfer service
  2. Square Cash – Money transfer service.
  3. Google Wallet – Money transfer service.
  4. Amazon – Used to set up an amazon wish list.
  5. TeamViewer – Used for taking control of a sub’s computer remotely.
  6. Skype – Primary way of contacting subs.
  7. Gmail – You will need an e-mail address to set up accounts. Don’t use your personal e-mail address.


Blog Sites

  1. Tumblr  – Can get you high visibility very quickly; very popular in the scene.
  2. Blogspot – Not as popular as tumblr, but functions well if you want to limit visibility.
  3. WordPress  – Not as popular as tumblr, but functions well if you want to limit visibility.


Financial Domination Networking Sites

  1. Dominants – Probably the most active site.
  2. Submit 2 Me
  3. Masters Cash
  4. Owned Fags
  5. Masters Justice


Other Sites

  1. Collarspace – A general BDSM site.
  2. Niteflirt – A phone sex site; Many Masters have abuse phone lines on here
  3. In-Charge  – Site where masters sell pictures and videos.


Advertising Groups

  1. Bully Me
  3. Elite Master
  4. Kings of Cash
  5. Men On Cam
  6. Sponsor A Stud
  7. The Cam Masters
  8. The Cash Masters
  9. The Jock Masters


It is generally a good idea to attack on multiple fronts for maximum exposure: blogs, financial domination sites, networking sites, advertising newsgroups, youtube, etc.


Chapter 1: Foundations of a Cash Master

Financial domination is a subset of BDSM so anyone who is planning to be a cash master should be familiar and comfortable with the idea of using abuse and humiliation as a form of sexual and/or mental gratification for both parties involved. Although it is sexual in nature, nudity is not necessary to be a cash master. In fact, nudity is very rarely ever used by cash masters. Typically, cash masters encourage consistent servitude through abuse (verbal, mental, financial, and sometimes physical), humiliation, intimidation and worship.

Mental Preparation

Assuming that you accept that what are normally regarded as acts of violence are forms of sexual gratification within this particular fetish, you can start entering the mindset of a dominant alpha male. The ideal cash master is a natural born alpha who believes there to be a hierarchy to the world and that no man is created equal. In general, alpha males instinctively understand that they are at the top of the food chain and lesser men are put on this earth to serve them in exchange for their protection.  An alpha male is a natural born leader who is genetically, intellectually, and physically superior to other males. Alpha males exude confidence, competence, and charm. Each cash slave will have a different idea of what constitutes an alpha male so you most likely will not be able to please everyone.


A true alpha male generally doesn’t need to receive cash from cash slaves, but they do it because they enjoy how powerful it makes them feel. In most societies, money is the ultimate form of power. For some alpha males, a submissive male giving them money is the highest form of respect and submission a sub can give. In this case, money is a tangible and expendable form of power that can be stockpiled for later use. The act of taking money from a submissive can also give thrills to an alpha male by seeing how the sub suffers for it.


In addition to being a dominant alpha male, cash masters are also sadists. As a counterpart, cash slaves are masochists. Cash masters enjoy the abuse and humiliation they put their cash slaves through just as cash slaves enjoy being abused and humiliated. Most cash slaves can instinctively pick up if a cash master actually enjoys abusing them. If a cash master can naturally portray the pleasure they get from abusing their slaves, then their cash slaves will be more likely to stay faithful to their cash master.


Most importantly, a succesful cash master has common sense. As stated before, A relationship between a cash master and cash slave is consensual and built on trust. Know or learn how to read people and learn to respect their boundaries. Your job as a cash master is to ultimately make the experience enjoyable for both you and your cash slaves. Arguably, it’s even more important that your cash slaves are satisfied with you since after all, without them, you will not be earning anything. Smart cash masters know that a broke slave is an unproductive slave so they meticulous handle the finances of their cash slaves to make sure that they are stable and are prepared for the future.


The mental state of a cash master is of utmost importance and can ultimately trump other superficial factors such as physique and attractiveness, but not always.

Physical Preparation

While being mentally prepared and having a strong knowledge base makes a cash master great, it cannot be avoided that the primary target audience of cash masters are cash slaves who are homosexual males. Males are heavily visual beings, as such, the first thing that will probably draw a cash slave to you will not be your mind, but rather your face and your body.


An alpha male is the whole package: sound body with a sound mind. Therefore, it is suggested that you be physically fit before undertaking your venture. It is not necessary to be a body builder but it is highly beneficial for any budding cash master to at least have a slim and preferably toned physique. Again, ultimately it is the mind of the alpha that ensures his place as a dominant man, but it is harder to show off the mind compared to showing off the face and body.

Inescapable Realities

The body can be molded, but people cannot change the race they were born in. While any man of any race can be an alpha male, a very large portion of the target audience highly prefers caucasian, masculine males. However, it is possible to succeed if you are not caucasian since every cash slave has his own idea of what an alpha male is. Some believe that only white alpha males can rule while others might believe that only black or asian men can rise above all. Although, it cannot be denied that you will have an infinitely easier time succeeding if you are a handsome and physically fit caucasian male.


A most important quality in a succesful cash master is the confidence and motivation to succeed. Like with any new venture, you will most likely falter. What separates leaders from followers is that leaders have the ability to always get up when they are down and continue trying. If you are able to stay motivated and are willing to continuously learn then you will succeed.

Chapter 2: Gearing Up

A good journey requires proper preparation and planning. This chapter will deal with what you should do before actually interacting with potential cash slaves. Laying down the groundwork and learning how to use the necessary tools of the trade will allow you to have smooth communications with cash slaves. Your image is very important and a part of your image is based on how competent you are at the things that you do. A dominant man is confident and able to do the job efficiently. A “master” who fumbles over the simplest of tasks will quickly break the spell they have over their submissives, regardless of how great their abs are. This chapter might not be the most exciting, but it is very important.

Hardware Basics

As mentioned before, financial domination is primarily an online fetish. Therefore, you will need to have a somewhat modern computer with a webcam, smartphone, tablet, or all of the above. You can manage to start your financial domination venture with just a smartphone with webcam capabilities (which most modern smartphones do) or tablet, but you should invest in a decent desktop or laptop as soon possible if you think being a cash master will be a sustainable option. You can also make do with a cheap chromebook or a windows netbook for a while.

Creating A Name

Once you have the basic hardware requirements to actually get into financial domination, you can begin thinking about creating your online cash master name. Choose wisely because your name will be part of your image. A tried and true approach is keeping it simple and choosing a real name (not your own real name) such as Master Hunter or Master Austin. It may benefit you to do some research by looking at financial domination networking sites and see which names are not yet taken.

You should keep in mind who your audience is when choosing a name. Primarily, your audience will be homosexual males who greatly appreciate masculinity, dominance, power, and strength. Most of your audience will be from the United States and Europe to a slightly lesser degree. Choose a name that is culturally relevant for your audience so names like “Lord Shiva” might go over your audience’s heads. It is not possible to choose a name that everyone will love. Different names have different connotations to different people. Your goal is to choose a name that will resonate with most of your audience.  Try to avoid basing your name off of fictional characters like “Luke Skywalker” or sports teams because it will most likely will make you sound immature rather than clever.


It might seem silly to you that there’s so much emphasis on choosing a good name in this guide, but remember that you are essentially building a brand and image and you’ll be competing against numerous other masters. The first things your audience will see will be your face (or body) and your name. It won’t hurt to make sure that your name is as good as how you look. You might be the most ripped man in the world, but having a name like “Sir Fluffy” will do you no favor.


Due to financial domination being primarily done online, you naturally will need ways for potential cash slaves to contact you. The more ways potential cash slaves can contact you, the better. You should base your communication usernames off of the identity you have chosen for a cohesive online presence.


You most likely will not communicate through e-mail too much, but you will need to set up an e-mail address to create accounts for other services so it is a good starting point. You should base your e-mail address off of the identity you chose. For example, if you chose “Master Jordan” as your cash master name then a good option for e-mail will be Avoid making sexual references to your e-mail address if possible due to some money transferring services not allowing their service to be used for sexual purposes.

Gmail is a good option for a an e-mail service. It’s simple and free and allows you to have two-step verification, which I highly recommend that you set up. Always have security in mind. Two-step verification might be a hassle but it will keep you and your accounts safe.


Skype will be the primary way potential cash slaves will contact you, making this communications application a definite must have in your arsenal. Skype is available on desktop, mobile, and as a web application. Use the e-mail address you created to create a Skype account and base your Skype username off of your cash master name.


Due to Skype being your main way of getting in touch with cash slaves, it is a good idea for you to learn the basics of the program. Primarily, you should know how do video calls on your chosen hardware platform. You do not want to start off your cash master career without knowing how to properly use Skype. It will be a disaster if a potential cash slave has to wait thirty minutes for you to figure out how to turn your webcam on. Again, image is everything so try to appear to be in control of the situation at all times.

Phone and Texting

Obviously, you should not give out your real number to potential cash slaves unless you absolutely trust and know them. Instead, you can use a texting application to set up a fake number you can use to make phone calls and to text. TextNow is an option that is both available as a mobile and web app. You can simply use your browser to text. No need to download anything.


Kik is a popular and widely use mobile messaging app. It’s unlikely that this will be one of your main forms of communication, but it will not hurt to have it.


Snapchat is a popular mobile photo and video sharing app. You can also use this app to chat with your cash slaves and to send out pictures and videos en masse. Additionally, Snapchat teamed up with Square Cash to allow users to send and receive money through their app

Social Media

Some cash masters use traditional social media platforms to find cash slaves. Even if you do not plan to make use of these platforms, it is a good idea to reserve accounts for yourself should you decide to. Again, sign up using the e-mail address you created and base the username/display names off off of the name you chose for yourself. Go ahead and make an account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Again, make new accounts. Do not use your pre-existing and personal accounts.

Getting Money

Seeing as this is called financial domination, it will probably be a good idea for you to be able to receive money online. The money cash masters receive are usually called tributes. There are many different money transferring services; this guide will only go over some of the most commonly used ways to transfer money online. Just like with Skype, it is a good idea to know the basics of the money transfer services that you will be using before getting in contact with cash slaves. Different money transfer services have different rules, but most of them are required by law to report to the IRS about your income should you receive a certain level of income.


Not advice from a tax or financial professional: Keep in mind that while tributes are often touted as “gifts”, they most likely count as income in the eyes of the IRS (or the equivalent if you are not from the US) unless you, the cash master, can prove otherwise. While it may be possible to not include cash tributes and gifts as income, it is highly recommended that you do not attempt this if you do not have the proper tax and legal expertise or risk legal repercussions. Stay on the safe side and pay your taxes!


PayPal is the most popular way masters receive cash from slaves. Creating a PayPal account is relatively quick and easy, and you can feel at ease knowing that it’s an established company. In the past, PayPal has frowned upon “adult” businesses so make sure that the e-mail you link up to Paypal does not indicate in any way that you are dealing with something that is sexual in nature as mentioned before. It is possible to hide your real name on PayPal by creating a business account and using a business name in lieu of your real name.


PayPal offers additional security by offering a two-step verification procedure. It might be a hassle to use, but the extra added security is well worth it to keep your hard earned money safe and secure.

Square Cash

Square Cash is a relatively new way to receive cash. It’s much more streamlined compared to PayPal and generally faster. At the time of writing, Square Cash only requires you to have a debit card to create an account with them. You can get approval and use your account almost instantaneously. You don’t need to submit a Social Security Number or any other identifying information other than the debit card. It’s very easy to hide your real name with Square Cash, all you need to do is to change the display name on your account and that’s all anyone will see.

Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards are another way for you to receive cash, albeit indirectly. The only thing you really need to be able to receive an amazon gift card is an e-mail address so your real name will never be an issue. It is suggested that new and unfamiliar potential cash slaves send only amazon gift cards to you until you trust them enough to use your PayPal or Square Cash account. The reason for this is because it is impossible for unscrupulous fakers to reverse charges once they send you an amazon gift card. It is possible to reverse a charge on money transferring sites like PayPal and Square Cash. To fully prevent a reversal with amazon gift cards, you will need to apply the balance to your account right away. Amazon gift cards are not the same as amazon payments; amazon gift cards will be restricted to an account and cannot be traded in for cash through the site. Cash sllaves will go on to and purchase a gift card for you and send it to you via e-mail. You will receive a code to apply to an amazon account. You can do one of two things with this code: you can apply it to your own amazon account and purchase items through their site OR you can go on E-bay or Craigslist and sell the amazon gift code for a price lower than card’s worth. You will not have to worry about Amazon tracking the amount of gift cards you receive to report to the IRS (if you’re American).

Bank Transfers

A bank transfer is an option if you trust a slave. This would be a relatively fast way to receive cash, but it does mean potentially giving sensitive information to other people. Fortunately, many banking institutions now allow bank transfers to transpire simply by knowing the e-mail address of the recipient.

If you go with this route, it might be a good idea to open a new bank account with the sole purpose of receiving cash from cash slaves. Set up the necessary precautions with the bank to prevent fraud. Make sure that you transfer and all money you receive in that account to your private account as soon as possible to avoid complications.

Receiving Gifts by Mail

It is not necessary, but many cash masters enjoy receiving gifts from the mail, which can be done with relative ease through Amazon Wish Lists. Amazon allows cash masters to create their own personal list of items they want from their online store, cash slaves can then purchase things off their wish list. Cash masters incur no costs by doing this, all shipping and taxes are paid for by cash slaves.


You do not have to worry about your cash slaves finding your real name and home address because amazon wish lists allow you to hide your mailing address (your city and state will still show, unfortunately) and real name from slaves. To do this, click on the radio button that say “Enter a new address” when you set up you shipping address. Make sure that you don’t use an address already in your amazon address book, entering a new address for your amazon wish list profile means you can change the name shown on your profile to avoid showing your real name. However, there is a workaround people can use to find the address you entered if AND only if you put items sold by third party vendors on your list. To avoid this, when creating your Amazon Wish List Profile, be sure to uncheck the part that says “Yes, let share my wish list shipping address with third-party merchants to ship purchases from this wish list.”


For increased anonymity, look for a local P.O. box in your area. Many P.O. boxes require that you use your real name when signing up for a box and they will not accept packages addressed to an alias, but there are some that will allow you to use an alias. You will just have to do your own research in your own area.


It’s important to note that it is probably a good idea to avoid putting large/very heavy items on your wish list if you use a fake name on your  shipping address. It may be that the post office will hold that package for you for pickup, which you most likely will not be able to do if you use an alias because the post office will ask you to show a photo I.D.


While Amazon Wishlists allows cash masters to receive gifts with ease, it generally is safer for cash masters to simply accept Amazon Gift Cards and purchase the items they want themselves. You should not do webcam sessions in exchange for a cash slave buying something off of your wish list. It is possibility that they can cancel the order after you are done with the session. The dangers of fake submissives and time wasters will be discussed in-depth in a later chapter.

Remote Control

Many cash masters enjoy being able to take control of the cash slave’s computer remotely using a program called TeamViewer. The exact details of what transpires in a teamviewer will be reviewed in a later chapter, but it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with this software.

Practice Basic Skills

Now that you have acquired all that you need to actually function as a cash master, you should take the time to gain a good understanding of how each piece of hardware and software works. Being able to utilize the tools of the trade will allow you to perform your tasks as a cash master efficiently.


Chapter 3: Finding Cash Slaves

Assuming you are now confident with the software and hardware you will need, you can start perusing and joining places where cash slaves and cash masters frequent. This part of the guide will only deal with where you can start finding cash slaves.

Networking Sites

Financial domination networking sites will most likely be the primary way that you can find cash slaves. After all, they are sites specifically designed to connect cash masters and cash slaves together. Most of these networking sites are very similar to one another, but it is still a good idea to join as many of them as you can to make sure you have maximum reach. This guide will go over some of the most popular networking options.

Dominants is quite possibly the most active financial domination site for male cash masters and cash slaves. The site features a chatroom on the front page where cash masters often broadcast to attract cash slaves. Cash masters are required to eventually pay a fee to be able to keep their profiles, but it does not have to paid right away. New cash masters can work on getting a cash slave to pay the fee for them.

New cash masters should send a verification picture and/or video as soon as possible to let cash slaves know that they are real. A verification picture/video is simply a picture or video where the cash master shows their face while holding some sort of identifying document. The identifying document is almost always a piece of paper where the cash master has written their account name and/or skype username. Being cam verified gives confidence to cash slaves that the cash master is advertising themselves and not masquerading as someone else.

Masters Cash

Masters Cash is very similar do dominants. It has all the basic features of Dominants including verification.

Submit 2 Me

Submit 2 Me is simielar to the previous two networking sites.

Masters Justice

Masters Justice is not as popular as the above three, but still has some users. This networking site differs in terms of layout compared to the other three, but has similar functions.

Owned Fags

Owned Fags is unique amongst the previous networking sites wherein cash slaves can purchase credits on the site which they can then give to a cash master. The cash master can then exchange those credits for real cash. This site potentially can allow a great amount of anonymity and security for cash masters since cash slaves cannot reverse the charge on their credit card and the cash master’s identity wiill not be revealed to cash slaves. This networking site seems to heavily feature cash masters and cash slaves from the UK.


Blogs are great for reaching a wide audience. It’s generally a good idea for cash masters to set up a blog and to post about their experiences. As such, you probably should hold off posting on a blog until you have actual experiences to write about. Most cash masters detail their conquests by posting recollections about sessions they have with cash slaves. It’s common for cash masters to talk about the abuse they made a cash slave go through and how much money they ended up taking from them. You should go ahead and sign up for a blog just simply to secure a name (that should be based on the name you created for yourself). This guide will go over a few popular options for blogs. It’s important to note that some blogging platforms, like tumblr, have a waiting period where new users’ content can’t be searched for by other users until they have been active for a certain amount of time, posted a certain number of times, or met some other criteria.


Tumblr is the latest craze where many people post about their many different interests. There is a large community of posters who are cash slaves or simply worship alpha men on the site. Creating a tumblr and posting on it allows you to get noticed very quickly due to their reblogging feature where your blog posts can be easily reposted on other tumblr blogs.


Blogspot is a standard blogging platform where you can set your own blog space on the internet for all to see.


WordPress is a standard blogging platform with a wide range of capabilities. WordPress has many tools to make your blog into a fully functioning website if you have the technical expertise.

Yahoo Groups

There are many groups on yahoo that are dedicated to cash masters and/or alpha males. You can check out some of them out on the Quick Start page of this guide.

Social Media

Some cash masters utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to gain a following. This might not be the best way to find cash slaves, but it can work. Be sure the familiarize yourself the the terms and conditions of these sites if you choose to make use of them. Obviously, they were not built for financial domination so these sites might require you to censor yourself somewhat.


Some cash masters post videos on Youtube of their conquests or simply post vlogs. This can be very helpful with increasing the number of cash slaves by offering them a preview of what is to come for them if they decide to contact you. Like with social media sites, Youtube was not made specificalily for financial domination so it is important to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions should you decide to utilize this platform.

Personal Website

It may be a good idea for you to set your own website up once you have made a name for yourself. Typically, this is only done by established cash masters as a way to streamline their workflow and to manage their ever growing number of cash slaves. Having your own website can be a great asset if you know what you are doing. You can use a website to set up a store, blog, forums, and anything else that you can think of. You can use a service to set up a website for you, but it might be a good idea for you to make your own website from scratch if you are financially able to. You can always hire a programmer and designer to create a website for you if you do not have the requisite programming and design skills.


Chapter 4: The Art of Marketing

Once you are in a place where cash slaves can find you, you will need to be able to actually entice them to interact with you and ultimately get them to submit to you. The way you can initially encourage a cash slave to contact you is by having a good profile and posting on the various places where you can find cash slaves. This guide will go over how you can make a good impression on your profile and posts. Do remember that you shouldn’t only depend on flashy marketing to get by. Pictures will help you a great deal with gaining new cash slaves, but your ability to perform and your reputation is ultimately what will bring you long lasting success.

Know Your Target Demographic

There’s a multitude of reasons as to why slaves do what they do. Having a basic understanding of what motivates a slave can help you atrract them and improve your relationship with them. No two slaves are exactly alike so what works for one slave might not work for another. This guide will go over some of the common motivational factors behind a slave’s actions.


The most prevalent reason as to why slaves readily submit and relinquish their cash to masters is that it makes them feel good emotionally, mentally, sexually, or all of the above. Everyone has their own secret fetish, this is theirs. It is human nature to want to feel good, the only thing that’s different is how each individual obtains that feeling.


Some slaves do not like being in charge, even of their own lives. They become stressed and anxious when faced with the unknown that life brings. They have trouble balancing their own lives, let alone their finances. Having a master control them gives them stability and peace of mind. Money is a small price to pay for the sense of peace, protection, and clarity a master gives them.


Humans are social creatures. Each, even if in a subconscious level, want to feel a connection with others. By serving a master, they feel that connection and are comforted by it. They treasure that connection and, in effect, they treasure their master. They like to help their master achieve his goals, and by doing so they share in his sense of accomplishment.


Some slaves purposely establish a relationship with a master because they have a specific goal in life that they want to achieve, but are otherwise unmotivated or too scared to pursue it. A master provides the incentive the slave needs to achieve his goals.


Many slaves are excited by, or even truly believe, the idea that they are inferior. This can take on many forms. A common source of inferiority is the concept of straight superiority. Some slaves believe, or like to fantasize with the idea, that homosexual men were put on this earth in order to serve heterosexual men. They believe that heterosexual men are superior due to many reasons, one being that it is heterosexual men that natural advance the species through propagation.


It  has mentioned numerous times that image is very important and this is primarily why. Your image dictates how successful you will be in attaining cash slaves. How you portray yourself is crucial to attracting the attention of slaves.


When creating a profile and posting, keep in mind the personality you want to convey to your readers. If you recall, a cash master ideally is an alpha male. Therefore you should strive to portray an alpha personality. The idea of what an alpha male is differs from slave to slave, but alphas in general are intelligent, handsome, masculine, aggressive, charming, and confident.


A major way slaves will be able to size you up is by the pictures and videos that you post. be sure to portray yourself as being powerful and authoritative. You can do this in any number of ways from the type of clothes you wear (or lack thereof), the poses you hold, and the props you have around you. A good rule of thumb is to look like what society thinks of as masculine, but again, this is not set in stone. There are many ways masters do this by following certain themes that cater to slaves’ fetishes. A few examples are:

  • Jock/Athlete/Frat boy
  • Bodybuilder
  • Model
  • Business/Refined/Cultured Man
  • Cop/Military
  • Skater/Punk
  • Leather Master
  • Thug/Gangster

These are just examples, many more themes exist and you do not have to limit yourself to one, but it might be a good idea to pick one and stick with it to be consistent.


To reiterate, men are visual creatures so the pictures and videos that you choose to post will be crucial to your success. It will be helpful to know the audience you are taking pictures and videos for. Do not be afraid to look sexy while looking dominant. Cash masters who regularly post good pictures of themselves get more interest. Even if you are not a professional photographer or videographer, try to learn about lighting and basic cinematography to boost the quality of your photos.


Due to the fetish mostly existing online, the main way potential cash slaves can judge if you are worth talking to is by reading the posts you leave on your blog or on networking sites. As such, be sure to sound that you are authorative and in control.


It is generally a bad idea to only post about how great you are and demanding cash slaves to send you money. Rather than this making you look tough, it makes you sound like you are desperate and begging instead. You shouldn’t have to tell cash slaves that you are great and worthy of respect and adoration; cash slaves should be able to see for themselves that you are worthy of worship. As such, it is better if you post about your experiences and thoughts about being a dominant male and thoughts on submissive males. Offer your potential cash slaves a glimpse into your mind. Show them that you want more than just cash.


To catch the maximum number of cash slaves, you will need to cast a wide net. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with multiple different fetishes that co-exist with financial domination. The more fetishes you are comfortable gettting into, the larger your pool of potential cash slaves will be. You can spice up your photos by including these fetishes. Some of the popular fetishes that commonly pop include, but are not limited to the following:


Feet Fetish – Feet is a behemoth of a fetish with many willing to pay to worship just your feet on cam or in person. You can gain an audience of feet enthusiasts who are not necessarily into financial domination, but will still pay you. It’s not uncommon for cash/feet masters to sell used socks, shoes, and even toe nail clippings. With this fetish, bigger feet are better.


Muscle Worship – Arguably not a fetish, but it is something that you can monetize. If you have a ripped body then you will have an army of submissive and, to be frank, horny men wanting to pay for your time and attention. These submissive men may not be cash slaves, but they do frequent the financial domination scene due to the high concentration of attractive cash masters.


Smoking – Smoking is not as widespread as the previous two fetishes, but there are loyal fans. Many submissive men fantasize being used as a human ashtray, getting burned by a cigarette, and having smoke blown on their face by a handsome, dominant man.


Straight Superiority/Fag Bashing – A large proportion of cash slaves fetishize the idea of straight men being inherently supreior to homosexual men. They believe that straight men are the ones who push the human race into the future. They also crave being bashed for being gay and submissive.


Raceplay – Different cash slaves have different ideas of what makes an alpha man. It’s common for a cash slave to stick with a single race and fetishize it to the point of putting a race above all others. This does not necessarily mean they or the masters they serve are racist, it all comes down to personal preference and roleplaying. A large majority prefer white men, as stated before, but any race can be fetishized.

Patience and Perseverance

Being a new player in the financial domination scene, you may or may not gain a lot of traction right away. Admittedly, a lot of your initial success will depend on how hot you are. If you are a young handsome guy with an amazing body, you can expect a reasonable amount of interest coming your way relatively early in the game. However, if you are all show and no substance then you can expect potential cash slaves to leave just as fast as they come in. You can make enticing posts, but that won’t mean anything if you can’t back up what you write. Don’t simply write about being dominant, aggressive, and confident; BE dominant, aggressive, and confident.


Keep in mind that successful cash masters do not need to be supermodels, the more important determining factors are intelligence, attitude, business sense, and communication skills, and analytical skills. A great cash master can easily assess the situation and people and adjust his methods accordingly.


With that in mind, do not be discouraged if you do not get a lot of attention right away. Keep posting and improve upon your craft. All you need are a few cash slaves to spread the good word for you.


Chapter 5: Interacting With Cash Slaves

Once you have started posting, you can expect cash slaves to start contacting you. This part of the guide is designed to help you have a good idea of how to communicate with potential cash slaves. It is important to note that at this point, they are not YOUR cash slave, they only potentially can be yours. As such, it might not be a good idea to treat them like they’re already your property. Some cash slaves might like that, but many more will be turned off by it. The most important thing is for you to learn about who you are talking with. Each slave is a different person.

The Types of Slaves You Will Interact With

There are three main categories of slaves: time wasters, short-term slaves, and long term slaves. Of course, each category has its own subcategories and consist of slaves that have their own personality and preferences.


These aren’t slaves at all, but they pretend to be in order to get their rocks off. As the name suggests, they will waste your time. There are many ways these types of “subs” will try to pull a fast one on you. Here are some of their most commonly used tricks:


Show Now, Pay Later – New cash masters are particularly susceptible to this. The “slave” will try to get you to do a show first and then he will pay during the show or after. The “slave” will try to reason that since you are new, he can’t fully trust you so doing a show first will put him at ease.


The Reversal – Some of the truly despicable fakers will pay for a show using PayPal or some other money transfering service before a show. The unsuspecting cash master will do a show only to find out later that the cash slave reversed the charge on his credit card. This can lead to a lot of headaches for cash masters since the money transferring service, PayPal especially, will most likely flag your account as potential fraud and will freeze your assets. Worst case scenario is that the service will close your account and any money in it will be lost, best case scenario is you will get your account back after a few weeks or months of constant inquiries and urging. Because of “slaves” like these, it is highly suggested that cash masters only accept Amazon Gift Cards from new cash slaves to be on the safe side. The reason for this was detailed in Chapter 2.


The Gift Bait – Masters with Amazon Wishlists are targets of this. The fake slave will pay for a show by buying something (usually multiple somethings) from the master’s amazon wish list. They will get their show and then cancel the orders they submitted on Amazon. Masters should never ever accept a gift in exchange for a show unless they completely trust the slave they are interacting with. Again, to avoid this, it is a good idea to simply just accept an Amazon Gift Card when interacting with new slaves.


Unfortunately, the scene is littered with fake slaves. You will have to be vigilant in identifying these types of slaves. That’s not to say that every slave that wants to talk with you without paying right away is a time waster; these type of slaves may in fact be a long-term slave who are interested in getting to know you and slowly give up their control to you. You should learn to discern between the two types. Talking with a time-waster will yield zero benefits, while getting to know a slave that just wants to talk with you first could yield large benefits over time.


Short-term slaves have very short attention spans. These types are probably the most numerous in this scene. These types of slaves prefer to have single sessions with you, usually on a webcam. Most will pay before a session, and probably pay during the session and after the session as well. Their main motivation for contacting you is simply to get off to you abusing him, worshipping you, or being cash raped by you depending on that slave’s specific desires. It’s questionable if these types are in fact slaves, but you can get money from them frequently at the very least. If you can quickly identify a slave as being a short-term type then you can save time by getting right down to business and skip getting to know the slave apart from finding out what the slave’s specific fetishes are.


The cream of the crop. These are the types of slaves most cash masters want to have. Unfortunately, these slaves are harder to find, or rather they deliberate more on which master they want to approach and serve. These slaves may not always give up their cash to you right away and they will most likely want to get to know you first. Be careful not to dismiss these types as time wasters right off the bat. These types of slaves are the ones who are most likely to want/need and enjoy to be controlled and dominated. These types of slaves can become your loyal slaves if you handle them the right way. They can become constant sources of cash for you due to their loyalty. These types take the most effort to fall for you, usually, but they are usually worth the effort.

Make A Good Impression

As mentioned in the above sections, masters have a variety of ways of thinking and, therefore, have a variety of ways they talking with slaves. In general, it is commonly accepted and encouraged to use derogatory  terms when talking with a slave such as, but not limited to:  “faggot”, “fag”, “boy”, “pig”, “bitch”, “slut”, “slave”, etc. It may be a good idea to start off with something innocuous such as “boy” when talking with someone new.

A good procedure to follow when interacting with a new potential slave is to let him come to you, not the other way around. Actively singling out slaves with whom you’ve never had prior contact with before might make you seem desperate and weak. Certainly, don’t just go on demanding things such as “Faggot, give me money now” if you want to avoid making a bad first impression. Many slaves find this to be a major turn-off. However, this approach is more acceptable if you have a PRIOR relationship with a slave. If you have an established slave, then demanding money is not out of the norm.

Even though this scene revolves around money, absolutely do not expect a slave to just give you money if you demand it. Get to know a slave first, his likes and dislikes and get into his mind. Make yourself irresistible to him. A way you can do this is to require potential slaves to fill out and return a slave application that you have written. Although, some slaves prefer to build a relationship through talking and interacting with you. Of course, many slaves just simply want to be used and abused on cam by you, in such a case, it might be beneficial to either set up a price to allow the slave the privilege of seeing you on webcam or make a slave beg and bid money to see you on cam. However, it is probably not a good idea to lower a price if a slave tells you that he cannot afford it. You do not want a reputation of being easy or being easily bought by money. If you can, find out early what the slave’s financial situation is like before any talk of a transaction.

Webcam Sessions

Once you have a general idea of what the slave you are talking with is all about, you can expect to set up a webcam session. Be ready for anything. No wo slaves are exactly the same. Many slaves have many different fetishes. It’s up to you to pick and choose which fetish to cater for. Some frequent fetishes do pop-pup such as:


Humiliation and Abuse – This is the most common similarity amongst slaves. Many slaves love to be verbally abused and to be put down. Some like being made to physically hurt themselves, while many others like to be forced to do humiliating things such as cleaning a toilet with their tongue. Many masters like to have slaves write degrading things on their body such as writing “[Master’s Name]’s Slave” on their chests. The more intense you are verbally and the more imaginative you get in your torture, the more likely slaves will come crawling back to you.


Worship – Being made to worship you and your body. Mix in verbal abuse. Foot worshippers are extremely numerous within this scene, as well as muscle worshippers. Slaves will worship anything you tell them to.


Cash Rapes – Utilizing TeamViewer, some slaves like it when you forcibly take money from them while they stand back and watch, powerless. This is done by having the slave open up their PayPal account or bank account and then allow you access to their computer through TeamViewer where you will then transfer money from his account to yours. Some cash masters wh experts at cash raping can easily take in a thousand or more in one cash rape session.


These are just examples of some of the common scenarios that you’ll be faced with when interacting with a slave via webcam. As mentioned before, slaves have different tastes. Some may not like being on webcam, and simply just want to see and hear you verbally abuse them or show off your physique, while some like to do humiliating things on cam for their Master. In this sense, the submissive is the one actually in charge; it’s up to you to gauge your slave’s interests beforehand and make it seem that it was your decision to do what you did on cam.

In Person Meetups

As an option, you may choose to meet slaves in person in order to abuse/humiliate/dominate him in person. These sessions typically are much more expensive than a webcam session. It is suggested that you only meet with slaves you relatively trust. The rules for meet ups should be established between you and the slave beforehand. Any number of things can happen in a meet up such as:


Worship Sessions – Similar to the webcam counterpart, a slave will worship you in person. You decide if they can touch you or not.


Abuse and Humiliation – These sessions will be more intense than their webcam counterpart. The master will be in the same room as the cash slave and can inflict abuse on the slave rather than the slave abusing himself.


ATM Cash Rapes – The cash master takes the cash slave to an ATM and forcibly makes him withdraw money from his account to give to the cash master.


Shopping Sprees –  The cash master can take the cash slave’s credit or debit card and use it to spoil himself while the cash slave follows around and holds the master’s bags.


Domestic Labor – The slave will pay you for the honor of cleaning your home or other such labor/domestic jobs.


These are just suggestions, you can be as creative as you’d like. Real time meet ups are not mandatory, but the option exists if you wish to utilize it.

Selling Mementos to Slaves

In an effort to feel closer to you, some slaves may request to buy articles of clothing, or other things belonging to you. Some of the most common items sold are socks, shoes (as I mentioned, foot fetish is very popular here), underwear, and sweaty workout clothes. Some masters purposely add underwear and socks in their amazon wishlist for slaves to buy and then go back and sell those clothing to slaves after the master has worn it for a while. The more soiled the clothing is, the higher the value it will have.

The items slaves buy are not at all restricted to normal clothing items. Slaves’ requests can be quite unusual and depraved. They might ask for garbage from your trash, toe nail clippings (foot fetish), used condoms with cum in it, piss, and even feces. You may find this to be disturbing, but you might literally be throwing/flushing away potential revenue.

Managing Your Slaves

After you’ve managed to gain a few regular slaves, you might want to consider bringing them in to your stable. Masters have differing views of what a stable is, but for this guide, it will be considered a group of slaves who are loyal only to you, or primarily to you.


Having loyal slaves is a great achievement. This means that you won’t have to work as hard marketing yourself. You’ll have slaves that will cater to your every whim. However, doing this is easier said than done. To get to this level, you must keep your slave’s interest in you strong, which can be hard long distance if the slave does not live near you. Some suggestions in achieving this are:


Regular Checkups – Keeping in touch with your slave means that you’ll be a constant presence in their lives and they’ll be more likely to think about you. You might want to have your slaves perform regular tasks that will get them thinking of you. Some masters like to do this by having slaves do daily tasks such as reciting a prayer to you. Or doing pointless tasks like writing sentences that will remind them to worship you and sacrifice for you.


Fag Tax – A fag tax is a regular payment from a slave that he is to pay you at a certain set interval.


Referral System – If a slave refers a new slave to you that pays, then reward him.


Hierarchy – You can have a ranking system of sorts within your group of slaves. You can have them competing against each other to vie for your attention. You can have rewards the higher a slave climbs the hierarchy. Having something that slaves can work towards can keep their focus towards you.


Punishment System – Slaves who fail to perform certain tasks that you give them should be given a proper punishment. Some slaves view punishment as a reward and others will try to avoid punishment by doing better for you.


Rewards System – If your slave has done well, praise him. Maybe give him gifts or extra webcam sessions.


You should keep a record of your slaves for your own peace of mind.


Chapter 6: Forge Your Own Path

You are now a fully fledged cash master who has attained massive success thanks to this guide. Or at least you now have the basic tools to get to that point. As a reminder, this guide should not be taken word for word. Use this guide to build a starting point for your own venture into the financial domination world. Create your own style and do things your own way. Just be aware of the pitfalls of being a cash master and avoid them.


Good luck on your journey!

Appendix A: Legalities

Financial domination is completely legal. It is no different from paying someone for a service. A person can give their money to anyone they choose. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t do something illegal.


The main danger for legal repurcussion can happen through in person meetups. In particular, physical abuse is usually punishable by law regardless of whether or not both parties consented to it. It’s generally suggested that you do not attempt physical abuse if you do not trust the slave you are with.


Another danger is being accused of fraud. This danger is almost nonexistent if you are smart enough to avoid pretending to be a financial expert.


It is YOUR responsibility to use common sense and to familiarize yourself with the laws you are subjected to. Each region will have a different set of laws. Know the risks and know what you will be comfortable doing.


Appendix B: Protecting Your Privacy

Privacy is a major concern for many cash masters. Some privacy advice was given in previous sections, but will be elaborated on again in this one.

  1. Don’t use your real name.
  2. Don’t reveal your real address unless you really trust the slave.
  3. Create new contact information that cannot be traced to your other online identities like your Facebook account. Keep the names you choose simple and neutral.
  4. When posting pictures, refrain from using ones that you’ve posted somewhere in the internet before like Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, or wherever. Only post pictures in this scene that you specifically took to use in this scene and nowhere else. If you reuse pictures in multiple sites, it’s possible to find your other online identities through google image search.
  5. If you don’t want to show your face, wear sunglasses and a hat to hide your face when taking pictures. Or cut your head out entirely from the picture. Of course, showing your face will result in more cash slaves being interested in you, but if you have the right attitude they will come to you regardless of whether or not you show your face in public. It will be very hard to hide your face entirely and still earn cash. If you have a killer body, an intoxicating voice, then it might be possible, but you will in general have to show your face to cash slaves during cam sessions if you want to build a good reputation for yourself.
  6. Rent a mailbox that allows you to use an alias. USPS and UPS will not be an option for this one because they will only allow you to use your real name. If they receive a package for your mailbox, but under a different name, they will send it back. Of course, you could pay someone to open a P.O Box for you using their name and information. That would probably be the quickest way to opening a mailbox. Another way is to find a private business that offers mailbox rentals, usually, they will allow you to use an alias. You will have to do some searching to find one. You could also look into services that offer mail forwarding or even open a virtual office (you will most likely need a registered business to open a virtual office.) If you have a slave that you trust greatly, you can have him receive packages for you and then have him forward it to your home address.

    Having a rented mailbox gives you another layer of privacy if you want to receive cash and gifts by mail to drastically decrease the likelihood of slaves finding out where you actually live.
  7. Hide your name on Paypal. To do this, you can open up a Business Account for free. They will allow you to put a business name and your business name will show up in transaction summaries instead of your real name. The downside is that you probably should not accept gift payments when you have a business account or Paypal might get suspicious and freeze your assets. Another way to do this is to, again, pay someone to use their information to create a Paypal account. If you have a slave that you trust, you can have him act as a proxy and accept cash on his Paypal and then send it over to you.
  8. Don’t give out your banking information to a slave unless you really trust the slave.
  9. If you’re really paranoid, you can set up a VPN to mask your IP address and encrypt your internet activity or use a proxy.


Appendix C: Other Considerations/Suggestions

  • Many cash slaves like cash rapes, but this doesn’t mean you should take all they have. If not for the slave’s sake, then for your own financial interest. If you bankrupt a slave, he will no longer be able to send tributes and gifts to you. It’s better to allow a slave to replenish his money in order for you to enjoy his service for a long time.
  • If you don’t already have one, consider getting an HD webcam and a high quality digital camera to take pictures with.
  • If you are unfamiliar with BDSM, then it may benefit you to research the scene by watching porn videos that caters to that fetish.
  • Have patience. Don’t expect to start making large amounts of money right away especially if you’re just starting out. Of course, it’s possible if slaves find you enticing and if your presence is strong.
  • Observe the scene and make your own conclusions and observations. First-hand experience beats out theoretical knowledge.