A Growing Problem

As usual, an utterly massive and muscular Jaden filled the door frame of his room as he used it to make his entrance. Two-hundred thirty pounds of hulking muscle hung tightly from his massive 6’6” frame. In real life Jaden was an intimidating sight for anyone lucky enough to grace his presence. But online his power was something else entirely. “Time to drain” Jaden thought to himself as he unconsciously flexed his massive mound-like pecs. Jaden knew his latest conquest, some 171 cm twerp in the States would be on Skype literally begging to give him cash just to see him flex, smirk and laugh at him on cam. Jaden was entirely accustomed to pathetic runts falling over themselves to fill his wallet up with more and more fag cash, but there was something more fun about the ones who were so easy to manipulate and control.

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The second Jaden logged into Skype he was inundated with messages from slaves willing to do anything for any random scraps of his time. Some would pay him their hard-earned money to please him. Others would offer to do any number of tasks for him. And others would offer to debase themselves on cam merely for his amusement. And most would eventually offer to do all three. Jaden responded to a few requests as he kicked back shirtless admiring his massive bicep. Losers from all over the world were waiting for commands from the ultimate bodybuilder puppet master sitting on his throne in Germany. An army of mindless slaves willing to do his bidding in a variety of forms. He responded to the puny American idiot by merely asking the twerp to confirm Jaden’s height. After confirming that Jaden was 1.98 m, the flea begged to log into a payment platform and shower his superior in more cash. “This is the third night in a row I haven’t had to even lift a finger to turn this little loser into an ATM” a cocky Jaden thought to himself.

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It was as if all submissive men online eventually flocked to Jaden for wor$hip. He had a unique ability to read their minds and turn them into putty in his massive powerful hands. And usually Jaden would decide to roll the putty-like fags into the shape of their own ATM cards and use his bouncing pecs as their PINs to drain their accounts and further enrich his perfection. Jaden knew the American dwarf would further succumb to repeated messages simply reading either: 6’6” or 1.98m. And he was correct. By the third such message, the flea told Jaden he was again logging into one payment platform or the other. It was hard for Jaden to keep track. As Jaden marveled at the ease with which he could get this new slave to send money, he felt an intense sense of his own power, muscularity and height. He had always realized the obvious rarity of his particular combination of confidence, model good looks, height, muscle, strength, toughness and a 99th percentile IQ, but tonight he also really felt the natural power created by this unstoppable combination.

When Jaden read the Skype message confirming that the American dwarf had $erved, he smirked and logged into the payment platform to confirm the payment had been received. He didn’t really need to, this particular faggot was especially owned and in awe of every aspect of Jaden’s being. “Send me another 50 euros just because I said so” typed an especially cocky Jaden while he confirmed the receipt of the other money. The American didn’t respond, but as Jaden confirmed receipt of one payment, the other 50 arrived. There was something about the effortlessness of these two events that made Jaden laugh hysterically and evilly. He literally couldn’t be fucking stopped. He was drowning in fagcash and worldwide worship. As he turned on the cam to reward the twerp with some upshots of his pecs and the god-like beauty of his jawline, Jaden kept laughing as he felt a tingling sensation over his entire body. “What the fuck?” thought Jaden. As he turned on his cam, Jaden felt as if he’d been jolted with significant amounts of electricity, but that rather than hurting him — it had somehow enhanced his power. “It was just a shock” surmised the Massive Teutonic Muscle God as he continued to drain on Skype. But it wasn’t just a shock. And whether his height was expressed as 6’6” or 1.98m, that admittedly impressive height was very, very, VERY far from what Jaden would consider massive in just a few hours.


Jaden continued to drain the American and other fags for an hour or so. Although it was morning in Germany and Jaden hadn’t slept much, he wasn’t remotely tired. And his mind was crystal clear and operating at a high level. His English, already very good, seemed to be coming even easier than usual. And it was easier to anticipate the weaknesses in his slaves. He was always very intuitive at figuring these weaknesses out, but now it was even easier. As if some force was shining a massive spotlight on everyone’s weaknesses for Jaden’s maximum leverage. With the American, it was becoming clear that in addition to his attraction to Jaden’s actual height, the American was at least a slight macrophile. “Like taking candy from a baby” said Jaden to himself as he casually mentioned that he’s fantasized being much, much bigger. “How much bigger?” asked the runt in California. “Anywhere from another ten centimeters to several hundred meters” answered Jaden honestly. “Fuck, it would be amazing to see you at 208 cm” marveled the cashfag. “Yes, it would be” said Jaden as he thought about what it would be like to be massive bodybuilder who stood 6’10”. “God, I didn’t even have to convert that to know instantly that 208 cm is 81.89 inches. What the fuck is going on?” And just as Jaden questioned his new found mathematical abilities, his attention was drawn to his physical being. Jaden looked down at his feet as they began straining his already massive shoes. He could hear Skype pop with the sound of newly arrived messages, but he was too preoccupied with the growth of his own body to check them. He could see his quads both thicken and lengthen right before his eyes. His pecs swelled up as they were simultaneously stretched sideways by his rapidly expanding shoulder width. Jaden slowly stood up. And went up and up, several inches taller than usual. He walked over to his doorway and immediately realized his was looking down at the top of the frame. He was clearly taller than the frame and was not in shoes. “I thought about being 6’10” and then became 6’10” thought Jaden. He sat down to collect himself. Skype was still popping away like mad with notifications of new messages. And that’s when Jaden realized, the American had seen all that growth happen on cam. And all of the dozens of new Skype messages were from him.

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* * * * * “Order obeyed GOLIATH” “Did you get it?” “Are you ok?” “Holy shit! Are you ok?” “It looks like you’re fucking GROWING” “You’re growing fucking bigger and bigger!” “What’s happening to you?” “Holy fuck. You’re fucking taller and wider.” “You just grew four inches in a couple seconds! You’re taller than your door frame! How is that possible?” “Are you ok?” * * * * * Jaden told the American midget that he felt much better than ok. That at 6’10” he felt more powerful than ever. And immediately upon reading the number 6 and 10 with feet and inches symbols attached to them, the mindless American drone sent over even more fagcash. This time without even being prompted in any way whatsoever. Jaden sat there thinking about how he just thought about being 6’10” and then within seconds he was. He told the American, who was incredulous but had also seen it with his own eyes. Then the pint-sized American offered some great advice, “Well, maybe you should imagine yourself eight feet tall and see what happens.”

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