The Thief

Jaden is basically a Giant. He’s six foot fucking six and two-hundred thirty lbs. of solid and ripped muscle. Virtually none of those 230 lbs are fat and almost all of them are rock solid muscle. He’s huge, powerful, good-looking and he knows it. As he always says, “look at me. I’m the precise definition of a Muscle God. And I know it, you know it, everyone who feasts their eyes on me knows it, so there’s no point pretending otherwise.” That declaration is almost always capped off with a massive bicep flex and a massive cocky smirk.

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In the bathroom Jaden was moving a pile of towels when a box fell on the floor. It was the gag Christmas gift his runt roommate bought for him and had hidden in the bathroom. Jaden shook has head, laughed a little and thought “fucking runt” as he read the information card attached to a shiny metal disk with the word “MUSCLE” engraved on one side and “CUT” on the other. The card read: RUB IN YOUR HANDS AND KEEP IN YOUR POCKET TO TAKE WHAT ISN’T YET YOURS AND GIVE AWAY WHAT YOU DON’T WANT.

Jaden laughed, rubbed the disk and placed it into the pocket of the jeans he was going to change into after the shower. When he got out of the shower and changed, he ordered his roommate to bring him his protein shake as he kicked back at his computer while his roommate cooked his steak, chicken and veggies for the next several days.

God Jaden copy

Jaden eventually left for the gym. He pulled into the parking lot and went around the building and parked his car in the back. Joe, an acquaintance of Jaden’s, walked over to him and said hello and stretched out his hand to shake Jaden’s. The second their hands clasped Jaden felt a rush of energy in his hand and up into his huge forearm. He tried to let go of Joe’s hand, but he couldn’t. Then it started. Slowly at first, but it picked up speed over time. Joe’s muscles, admittedly inferior to Jaden’s in part because they were on a punier 6’2″ 205 lbs. frame, were being transferred onto Jaden’s body. At first Joe didn’t know what was happening, but he felt himself shrinking. Joe always had to look up to Jaden because of Jaden’s four inch height advantage, but this was no longer four inches. Joe was looking at up Jaden’s chin now, and that chin was rising fast. Joe caught a glimpse of his formerly 18″ right bicep. Now it was barely 15″ and thinning out quickly. “What the fuck is happening? Let go of my hand, Jaden. Let go. Make this stop. My God please, please let go,” Joe whimpered.

Jaden took stock of his expanding frame and a massive smirk spread across his face. “Fuck yeah. This feels real good. And you’ve got one thing right you shrinking fucking flea: once I’m done taking all your muscle and growing at your expense, I will be your fucking GOD. This feels fucking AWESOME. I feel like I could overhead press a fucking car.”


Jaden’s frame was expanding like crazy. He was literally exploding with muscle. His forearms were massive and his pecs filled up and out. He noticed he was growing in height too and mumbled a “Fuck yeah!” or two in between evil-sounding laughs. He was a towering GIANT covered in muscle and he was still fucking growing. Meanwhile, Joe continued to whither into nothing. With Jaden’s humiliating evil laughter ringing in his ears, Joe slowly transformed from a decent size guy (compared to anyone but Jaden) to a boy-sized squirt. Joe was crying as the transfer of muscle finally stopped. “Guess you’re empty now, Pee Wee. HA HA HA. Fucking look at you. 5’3″ or 5’4″ max. You might be 90 lbs. soaking wet. Pathetic little boy. But thanks for all the muscle, little guy. Actually, fuck that. You thank me for taking your muscle off your hands, sport.”

Joe looked up at the now 7’1” Jaden in abject fear and utter awe. He quickly said in a high pitched squeal, “th-th-th-thank you Jaden for stealing my hard earned muscle. M-m-m-my muscles look better on you anyway.” “You got that right, tiny. Sounds like one of the side effects of being shrunk and relieved of your muscle is stuttering. HA HA HA. Fucking moron.”

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Jaden took the metal disk out his pocket and marveled at it. “I can’t believe this fucking thing works. It really works.” And he turned it from the side engraved with the word MUSCLE to the side engraved CUT. Jaden was checking out at his massive new frame. He was now the proud owner of arms that appeared to be 22 or 23 inches. He was mind-bendingly huge and in solid shape. “Solid shape yeah, but I could cut up a bit.” He rubbed the CUT engraved side of disk and grabbed Joe by the neck.” “Give me your other hand Pee Wee and I’ll give you some size back.” “Really Jaden? Please Jaden, you gotta make me big again.”

“Dumbfucker. You were a twerp even when you drove into this parking lot, but fine fine. I’ll make you bigger.” And as Jaden and Joe shook their other hands, this time Jaden felt like cleansing. It was as if his insiders were being flushed of all toxins. “What the fuck? What are you doing to me?” whined Joe. “I’m…getting fatter.” “You’re telling me. Fuck. You’re gonna need to go paleo to lose the weight you’re gaining, fat boy. But look at me. See that eight pack coming in. FUCK YEAH. Look at the fucking definition in this horseshoe tricep. Damn. I am a mother fucking ADONIS. I’m at 5 or 6% body fat without a strict diet or doing any cardio.” And the newly fattened 160 lbs. 40% body fat Joe stood before the now Giant Jaden and just instinctively dropped to his knees and looked up in awe while crying. “Good job fat boy. Now you go buzz off like a good insect and have a few burgers. I have more muscle and height to steal.” And with that Jaden kicked Joe in the belly, Joe flew into the air and crashed into the side of his own car and collapsed. The last thing Joe heard before passing out was the click of gym’s back door. Joe shuddered at the thought of Jaden walking into the gym. A gym packed with guys working out. Guys with lots of size for Jaden.


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