Jaden and Jameson have always been rivals but the rivalry had once literally reached new heights and was almost deadly. It happened when Jameson and his 2 best friends, Neymar, and Suarez, were secretly spies while attending the same school as Jaden. Jaden and Jameson entered a gay pageant and Suarez and Neymar, were going to help Jameson win. Leo’s plan was taking a new spa treatment called the beautimizer machine. Little did Jameson know that a past criminal was going to use the opportunity to ruin him.

Just as Jameson was about to take get his treatment, he quickly hides in Jaden’s machine upon hearing Jaden’s voice. An infuriated Jaden is forced to go into the machine across from his reserved spot. The criminal mistakenly puts a microchip into Jaden’s machine, thinking Jameson was in it.

At school Jameson was showing off the results of his full body makeover before being interrupted by his classmates praising Jaden’s results which looked even better. Suarez couldn’t believe how much bigger and stronger Jaden is while Neymar comments that he looks like a male equivalent of an amazon. Jaden wants to take his “defective” shoes back to the store because his big left toe is exposed. During the volleyball game, he completely defeats the entire opposing team like a machine without help from his teammates.

“This was just a warm up for the pageant. See you wannabees tomorrow,” Jaden gloated.

At first Jaden seems oblivious to his increased size and strength. He initially denies what’s happening, insisting that he always has been this size. Unfortunately both his physical size and arrogant attitude are growing at an alarming rate. When his locker wouldn’t open, he effortlessly pulls his locker door off its hinges, crumples it, and throws it in the trash. He also clogged the shower drain with his seed by using his dirty sweaty smelly socks and jockstrap to help him jerk off. His moaning of “oh, fuck” echoed throughout the locker. The ground shook and cracked under his heavy footsteps. He nonchalantly released a huge noxious fart before crashing his head through the top of the door frame without injury and calling the others weaklings and crybabies.

After the game Jameson, Neymar, and Suarez find out that other contestants are missing and decide to investigate by going on a stakeout at the mall where all the suspects frequented. During the stakeout, a well tanned giant who was naked and hung as a horse kidnaps another contestant. They discover that Jaden, who’s now 15ft tall, is responsible for this and other disappearances, and is doing this in order to win the pageant. But it get even worse because his frame and ego are about to get even bigger than ever before when he was in downtown. He quickly experienced a surge of growth into a 50ft tall hunk who’s staring at his gorgeous self in a glass office building doing poses. To assert dominance and fear, he blasted it into bits with a torrent of warm golden vitamin rich piss before filling the stadium with it. Some of it flooded the streets. The force of the torrent created deep cracks in the ground of the stadium.

“Hehe. Should make great beer,” Jaden sneered as he relieved himself before the world at his feet was subjected to a noxious minute long fart.
He then grabs 2 buses. One gets shoved deep into his ass and gets crushed by his luscious butt cheeks. The other goes into his throbbing penis and gets crushed by his foreskin to be be used in helping him jerk off. Both caused him to have a violent earth shaking orgasm in which the resulting heavy cumshots were long, huge, and far reaching. The cumshot containing the bus hit a building while another cumshot even crushed a car.


Jaden was always a heavy cummer who can shoot long thick ropes of hot warm spunk far but his spa treatment has not only enhanced that ability but also the ability of his gigantic balls to quickly refill themselves with his man juice that’s now thicker, creamier, tastier, and heavier than before. Jaden was shocked by all of this and could feel it sloshing around in his nuts. A news helicopter captures the moment when he puts each leg on either side of the elevated highway, recreating the attack of the 50ft woman poster. Along the way, he spotted a building fire and walked towards it, not giving a fuck about the traffic below.

“FEE FI FO FUM. OUT OF THE WAY, FUCKING RUNTS. I’M ABOUT TO CUM. YOUR HOSES ARE NOTHING COMPARED TO MY HOSE.”” he boomed after hocking a huge slimy loogie at a fire.

He proceeded to fuck the loogie covered firetruck and when he reached the climax, his jizz blasted through it and smothered the fire. But Jaden was still horny as fuck. He fucked a skyscraper before he waded through the river and stopped before a bridge. Jaden walked towards the bridge with his beast straight at the sky and letting his huge slab of meat fall and smash through the bridge.

Meanwhile the trio try to save the kidnapped contestants from Jaden’s mansion by scaling the side up to the window but it’s foiled by Jaden who’s now 20x his original 6’1. “OK. he was bad enough at 15ft tall but this is ridiculous,” Jameson said frighteningly.

“WE’LL SEE WHO’S RIDICULOUS WHEN I WIN THE PAGEANT!” Jaden retorted before snatching the trio and tightening his his grip. “AFTERWARDS, YOU CAN CLEAN MY TROPHY AND MY BODY, ESPECIALLY MY FEET. IT’S NOT EASY MAINTAINING A HIGH MAINTENANCE BODY LIKE MINE ESPECIALLY WITH GORGEOUS LIKE MINE. STILL THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN ME JAMESON?” Jaden sneered as he brought his rank foot to them and made them breathe in the horrendous odor between his toes before tangling them against his rank pubic forest which was covered in dried pieces of his man juice. “OH YEAH OH FUCK YEAH, YOU GUYS LIKE THIS DONT YOU,” he moaned before finally dropping them into his bedroom, slamming the roof, and peeking through the window.

“We’re trapped like dolls in a dollhouse,” said Neymar
“How we’re gonna get out?” said Suarez as he grabbed the curtains, pointing out the stench of cum stained socks and jockstraps that littered the floor.
Jameson decided to insult Jaden so much that he punches a hole in his mansion which successfully worked, allowing the trio and the other contestants to escape. The other contestants quickly ran away.
The shadowy figure arrives in a midget helicopter and it’s escaped midget convict, Diminutive Smalls who wanted revenge against Jameson. He zaps Jameson into a giant who, just like Jaden, is 20x his original height and naked which leads to an exchange of insults with Jameson. Down below at their giant nasty rank feet, Neymar and Suarez are excited and horrified by the sight of their their best friend and his rival as hot horse hung giants on their birthday suits.

Jameson pokes Jaden in the nose and retorted, “HELLO! IT’S NOT LIKE A ASKED TO BE TURNED INTO A MONSTER LIKE YOU!”
Jaden retorted back, arrogantly reminding him that no matter how much he wanted to be like him, everyone knows who’s the most handsome soccer player in the world.
Jameson angrily said, “IF YOU THINK YOU’RE GETTING THAT TROPHY,” before Jaden angrily interrupted that the trophy was already his. This was the last straw for Jameson. The confrontation took a turn for the worse when the 2 greatest soccer players in school wrestled with each, destroying the neighborhood in the process.
“Watch out Jameson!”yelled Suarez.
“Yeah. Dont crush our house!”, Suarez said, much to Neymar’s embarrassment.
Smalls wanted to grow the 2 rival giants even bigger. Suarez and Neymar chase after him but he tries to blast growth rays at them which Suarez and Neymar dodged the laser beams successfully. They almost get crushed by their best friend’s stinky heel. The giants try to put their feet against each other’s face as well as farted in each other’s faces a few long seconds and shoved one another into each other’s armpits. Jaden has Jameson between his legs but Leo escapes. Jameson then puts his entire bigger, powerful, sweaty, stinky feet against Jaden’s face and pinches Jaden’s nose with his long sweaty, stinky, and powerful toes before commenting that this was what a real man smells like and asking Suarez and Neymar manage to get the gun away from Smalls by attacking him with Leo’s hairspray and successfully shrink Jaden and Jameson back to normal before Jaden was escorted by govt spies and had the entire thing wiped from his memory. By the way the winner was David Beckham which again lead to a fight though thankfully on a much smaller and manageable scale.