About God Jaden


"I stare at you, not believing what I see. Overwhelming, massive, a God. I can't control my eyes, they can see only you. You notice me watching, and immediately getting angry: "What the fuck are you looking at?"

You come towards me, I try to escape but I am nothing for you. You grab me without effort and starting flexing your muscles, your huge muscles in the tight black shirt, the veins rising up angrily, the peaks of your biceps unbelievable big. "Like those? Give them a kiss boy!" You dominate me, flexing all your massive body, pushing me to the ground, roaring and grunting at me. I see the huge muscles in your jeans and you start to strip down to your underpants and black socks. "Who is your daddy? I could crush you between my legs".

You start to talk to me like trash, starting a full body flexing, grunting and swearing, getting angrier and angrier, hulking out with unstoppable power, pressing your stinky socked feet in my face. That's when I realized, who my daddy is. He is angry.

And a God to be worshipped."

-From an unknown slave


I am God Jaden, decended from a long line of gods, Zeus, Hercules, Alexander. Well, decended is only partly true. Truth is all those old gods met me and fell to their knees in worship. I admit Hercules was strong, but do you think he could even fit his fingers around my forearm? I have veins bigger than his kneck. So he, like the others, found their place beneth me. Do you know what happens to a god when he collapsses to the ground in fear and obedisance? He begins to vanish, he shrinks, slowly the old gods became part of me, their life part of mine, their souls subsumed into mine.
Do you think your fate will be any different? You can read about one young muscle god in the stories section of my site. He used to be quite popular on youtube, thought he was a young muscle king. But he met me, in the flesh. At first he thought we were gonna be friends but he couldnt help it when i put on his underarmour and split it... he works for me now and boy has he shrunk, 93kg to 86... though I didn't make it happen, it was his nature.
You will learn as you experience me that your nature is the same. You exist to serve me, to become part of me, to cease thinking and let me take over. Deeper and deeper you will fall into my eyes, deeper and deeper into my control. I'd apologise but its not my fault, it was the way you were designed by a god who... in time... will also bow before me.
Check out the stories tab to read about some of my conquests and see photos of dumb slaves being subsumed.
-God Jaden